Dr. Testosterone Answers: Is It Possible To Undo Damage Caused By Steroid Use?

Dr. Testosterone breaks down the reality of prolonged steroid use and whether or not the damage can be reversed.

While there are some who believe steroids to be completely healthy, most athletes understand that athletic use of PEDs can come at a health cost. Ultimately, these athletes decide that it’s worth the risk. But what about down the road after retirement? Does the long term damage truly create regrets in former bodybuilders? Or can the damage be reversed with medical intervention? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Dr. Testosterone explains whether or not damage caused by long term steroid use can be reversed.

Dr. Testosterone had previously stated in one of our interview segments that bodybuilders must abuse steroids to succeed. Based on that statement, it seems that, in his opinion, bodybuilders must decide if they want to take the risk of long term damage to become a potential champion. It’s been well documented that former athletes and bodybuilders often have to go on TRT (Testosterone Replacement Treatment) upon coming off steroids. But just how much healing can be done medically after a career of steroid abuse?

We asked that question to Dr. Testosterone in our latest interview segment. Dr. T is often pro steroids – but honest about the medical realities of long term steroid use. He has the education and background to break down in detail exactly how much of the damage can be undone. Like many things, it’s not a simple yes or no question.

There are various organs that can become damaged from long term steroid use. The key main organs most affected are the kidneys, liver, and heart. Of course, each body is different in how much abuse it can take. Dr. Testosterone admits that if steroid use damages is done to the kidneys, for example, this can be irreversible.

On the other hand, Dr. T claims that the liver has great regenerative properties. There is some permanent damage that can be done in the extremely long term. But if a bodybuilder gets out at the right time – it’s possible to avoid it and to reverse the smaller damage done.


The biggest threat, Dr. Testosterone states, is damage done to the heart. If the heard grows thicker and the arteries grow thicker – this will cause less blood to pump into and out of the heart. As we age, this kind of damage can cause cardiovascular disease. It’s often near impossible to reverse this kind of damage. Beyond steroids, heart attacks are one of the highest risk health treats in the United States. That gives some perspective on how serious this kind of damage can be.

So how long can a person go before irreversible damage is done? Unfortunately, that’s not an easy answer either. Each person’s genetics are different. Also their lifestyles can be completely different in addition to steroid use. It’s nearly impossible to prescribe a “safe exit point” for bodybuilding. That’s a huge part of the danger and a big reason why it’s not legal for recreational use in the US.

You can watch Dr. Testosterone go into far greater medical detail in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

*DISCLAIMER: Generation Iron does not recommend or condone the use of steroids or other PEDs. The views and opinions expressed in this video are not that of Generation Iron.

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