Dumbbell Rear Delt Row (Shoulders) – Exercise Guide

Muscles worked: Shoulders

Equipment needed: Dumbbell


1. Stand with an upright torso with a dumbbell in each hand extended at arm’s length.

2. Push back your hips while maintaining a slight bend in your knees.

3. Keep your back straight and lean forward so your upper body forms a 45-degree angle with the floor.

4. Your arms should be perpendicular to the floor at the starting position while holding the dumbbells with pronated wrists.

5. While breathing out, pull your shoulders into a retracted position and lift the dumbbells towards your chest by flexing the elbows.

6. Your upper arms should be in a straight line at the top of the movement.

7. Pause and contract your shoulders for a couple of seconds before returning to the starting position.

8. Repeat for the recommended reps.

Alternate Exercises for Dumbbell Rear Delt Row

Dumbbell Lying Rear Lateral Raise

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