Eddie Hall Accepts Hafthor Bjornsson’s Boxing Challenge: “I Want To Teach You A Lesson”

Eddie Hall accepts Hafthor Bjornsson’s challenge to box in the ring.

Earlier today, Hafthor Bjornsson broke the world deadlift record by lifting 501kg. After the victory, he made a point to call out Eddie Hall, who had previously stated that he would not count Bjornsson’s deadlift outside of official competition. This started a bit of a rivalry between the two. Bjornsson’s statement to Hall after breaking the world record? A challenge to a boxing match.

Now it seems that Eddie Hall has accepted Bjornsson’s boxing challenge – making an official statement on his Instagram claiming he is ready to sign papers and make it official. You can watch the video on his Instagram below.

While Bjornsson’s world record deadlift directly beat Eddie Hall as the previous record holder – their feud did not simply start there. Rewinding back to a Q&A session a few months ago, Eddie Hall stated he could beat Hafthor Bjornsson in a fight. Not too long after that Bjornsson agreed to a boxing match. But from there things quickly went silent.

Everything changed once Bjornsson announced he would try to beat Eddie Hall’s deadlift record, reigniting the feud between these two fierce competitors. During the shots fired during the feud, Bjornsson claimed he was robbed way back in 2017 when Hall won the World’s Strongest Man competiton – insinuating that the competitor had cheated.

Which brings us back to today. Bjornsson just broke a massive deadlift world record, called out Hall to a boxing match, and Hall responded clear as day ready to sign papers and “teach [Bjornsson] a lesson.” And if it’s not clear what the lesson is – Eddie Hall doesn’t mince words. “That lesson is going to be me knocking you the fuck out.”

For Eddie Halls full response, make sure to watch his official statement in the Instagram video above.

*Header image courtesy of Instagram