Eddie Hall Passes Out Performing 2200 Lbs Leg Press!

2200 Lbs leg press?!

Leg day. It’s perhaps the most dreaded day of the week for bodybuilders, weightlifters, and powerlifters. Why? Because the amount of effort required to perform a leg press movement can be extremely taxing on the central nervous system.

What does that mean exactly? Well, you’ve seen people passing out from performing deadlifts haven’t you? The same goes for those who squat a tremendous amount of weight as well. The amount of effort required to perform these heavy compound movements can be so taxing on the nervous system that the body shuts down from all the energy required to move the weight.

Enter Ronnie Coleman.

The eight-time Olympia champion is well known for his over the top training methods. He lifted extremely heavy and he lifted often which turned him into the beast that would become one of the greatest bodybuilders of all-time. These heavy training sessions have in turn inspired other lifters to replicate Ronnie Coleman’s intense training regimen.

Enter Eddie Hall.

The former World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall is no stranger to lifting heavy objects. While he may not be competing these days, the former strongman champion is still training hard in the gym, getting inspiration from those who have come before him, namely Ronnie Coleman.

In hopes of replicating the feat that Ronnie Coleman did before him, Eddie Hall has taken it upon himself to perform a 2200 Lbs leg press. The effort required was so much in fact that it caused the former World’s Strongest Man to pass out! Check out the video below!

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