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Look, bodybuilders spend a lot of time in the gym. This isn’t a mystery – but when you spend so much time in the gym, you are bound to have an embarrassing moment. A slip up. An awkward mistake. You know, something that makes other people suddenly stop and stare at you. And then you look around and pretend that nobody saw it. But everyone saw it. You know it and they know it.

Well you’re not alone. What better way to help embrace an embarrassing¬†moment than to list off all of the embarrassing things that can happen while you’re lifting in the gym? Our thoughts exactly – so here we go!

1. Passing Gas

Like we said, bodybuilders spend a lot of time in the gym. So much time, in fact, that certain… bodily functions might surface. Yes, that’s right. Passing gas. Most adults are able to hold it back until they have a moment alone. But with all of the lifting and pushing to the next rep – you might not be able to¬†hold it back. It’s like a raging storm – sometimes Mother Nature can’t be stopped.

So what do you do? How do you prevent your gym-mates at the machine next to you from giving you the stink eye? (No pun intended). Our suggestion is to hide the fart under one of your loudest and most intense grunts during a rep. Be careful though – grunt too hard and you might find yourself pushing out a little bit more than some gas.

2. An Awkward Grunt

While some people find grunting awkward, (especially people who are new to public gyms) the plain truth is that it’s a completely natural thing. While you’re exerting so much energy, grunting is a great way to push through those last challenging reps. It’s that fantastic animalistic side to bodybuilding. A euphoric release.

But then it happens. You’re pushing through that last rep and yelling your brains out just to make it through – but it doesn’t sound right. It’s not powerful. It’s not animalistic at all. It’s a high pitched Mickey Mouse squeak. You’re voice cracked. You couldn’t help it. It just happened. What do you do? Don’t panic; just finish it off with the most over-compensating grunt you’ve ever given in your entire life. If you’re big enough – it will be just intimidating enough to prevent anyone from saying something.

3. Getting Caught Checking out a Sexy Gym-mate.

First things first, the gym is a place to work. A place to build and sculpt your body. Only amateurs go to the gym thinking they could pick someone up for a date. Sure sometimes it works but that’s not the ultimate goal of the workout, is it? That being said, sometimes you just can’t help where your eyes start lingering. It’s only human nature to want to observe beauty right?

And then someone catches your glance. You’ve been staring at them for minutes now and they just noticed. Does that make you a creep? Maybe. You’re eyes suddenly dart all around as if to say, “I was just looking at everybody.” But they know. They see the slight panic in your eyes as they bounce about. Don’t let the embarrassment start to set in. The key is to play it cool. Don’t dart away, keep the glance for a second or two and then move on to something else. It might not always work but at least you show off confidence. Just be happy she only noticed your glance. Hopefully you were wearing a baggy pair of gym shorts.

4. Putting on Too Much Weight

This one might not apply for the pro bodybuilders out there – but then again who knows. Confidence is great but overconfidence could make you look like a fool. You get on the machine, set your weight, and think to yourself, “I can handle an extra 50 pounds today.” Or maybe one of those girls/guys you were checking out before is nearby and you want to impress them with a few extra pounds.

Then you go for your first rep… and nothing happens. You can’t move the bar. It’s too heavy. Just shaky limbs and a struggling face. Honestly, there’s no great way to make this one look smooth. Our best advice is to not over compensate. Worst case scenario it’s too little weight and you can just pretend it was a warm up. Nothing embarrassing about that. No sir.

5. Running into Someone from Your Gym… at a Fast Food Joint

Once again, this might not apply to everyone. The fact is you shouldn’t be hitting up a fast food joint right after the gym. You shouldn’t be eating that stuff period. But sometimes we give into temptation. You find yourself scarfing down a big ugly burger, grease is dripping out of your mouth, and then you see someone from your gym walking by outside. You make eye contact. Worst part, it’s only been 30 minutes since you left the gym!

Actually, we’re sorry. There’s no advice to help you out on that one. Just don’t make your post workout meal something unhealthy. It’s really wasting your time – and someone might just see you. That judgmental grin? You deserve that.


Those are just a few of the awkward gym moments we can think of. But we know that you all probably have your own personal stories that would top the list. Tell us your most embarrassing gym moment in the comments below. Or you can share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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