FIRST LOOK: Check Out The ‘Enhanced 2 The Max’ Teaser Poster

Enhanced 2 The Max is coming soon.

Last year, Enhanced introduced the world to Tony Hughes – aka Dr. Tony Huge – the bodybuilder and entrepreneur that distrusts the government and believes that illegal performance enhancing drugs should not only be made legal, but are the key next step in human evolution. But that documentary was only the first chapter in Tony Huge’s ongoing battle for freedom in the PED market. In 2020, prepare yourselves for the sequel –  Enhanced 2 The Max.

Unsatisfied with the limitations of legal and certified studies, Tony performs underground experiments, often on himself, in an effort to change the way the world looks at steroids and other PEDs. His methods have been labeled as dangerous and criminal by the mass populous and the government. After gaining more exposure from the first Enhanced documentary, Tony has been labeled a mad scientist who’s science is unfounded and could not only get himself killed – but also other innocent people involved in his experiments.

Enhanced 2 The Max chronicles Tony’s attempt to vindicate himself and his methods as he conducts a new set of experiments on five volunteer subjects. The goal? To put on over 20 pounds of lean muscle in thirty days. Will his tests prove him a genius? Or further enrage the scientific community?

The world will find out soon enough – but until then you can check out this first look teaser poster for Enhanced 2 The Max. Coming early 2020. This is just the tip of the iceberg so make sure to stick around for upcoming previews of the sequel documentary.

Check out the teaser poster below:

Enhanced 2 The Max Teaser Poster Generation Iron


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