How Exercise Improves Your Dating Experience

There are many ways that exercise can improve aspects of life!

Nowadays, you see endless posts about how you should be happy before you start exercising or how weight loss won’t make you any happier. There’s definitely truth to of this. I think you should be fulfilled and happy to a degree before embarking on any fitness journey and dating.

However, many people find romance valuable and that area of their life is undoubtedly improved from exercise. No matter how much we tell people exercise is for health, their true intent is to look hot naked.

People don’t care that much if their doctor gives them a pat on the back for healthy bloodwork. They care if they can get laid and attract the opposite sex.

So it’s no surprise as a coach that many people seek exercise to look better and thus, improve their dating experience. In fact, many of my single clients who start exercising and improve their physiques often rave about their dating life improving. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with that.

So if you somehow needed more convincing, here’s 4 reasons how exercise will improve your dating experience and get you dates on repeat.

Look better

1 – You’ll Look Better

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. People who exercise generally look better than people who don’t. While romance is not entirely physical, initial attraction and how we subconsciously treat people is largely based on appearance.

And sure, we all find different things attractive, but by and large, most people are attracted to a bit more muscle and a bit less fat which exercising helps with both, particularly strength training.

You know that you judge dates based on appearance often, so it’s only logical that you would want to put your best foot forward, or in this case, your best body forward.

This is within both male and female biology. Our brain assesses people based on appearance to make conclusions on their health and reproductive capabilities.

Men will pick women who are generally fitter because her physique communicates she’s more able to bare his children. Vice versa as well. Women will pick men who are generally fitter because his body communicates he can protect and defend said children.

Let me be clear here before I get skewered. I’m not saying looks are all that matters, but it’s one powerful way to increase your buying power as far as the dating world goes. Any politically correct fitness coach who says otherwise is speaking from a position of privilege. They say one thing, but would never switch their fit body for a less aesthetic one.

Feel better

2 – You’ll Feel Better

Exercising undoubtedly makes you feel better. When you feel better, you’re more positive, confident, and healthy. Oh wait, those are all qualities that skyrockets your dating value.

So the value in exercising isn’t simply from the exterior change, but also internally. In fact, even if you exercised consistently for months and months and still see no physical changes, there is still much value.

You’re still getting healthier and your confidence would be far higher than if you didn’t exercise. Negative people who complain about their lives generally don’t exercise or at least not as much.

The personality qualities you are attracted to can be developed and nurtured through exercise. Women feeling more secure in their bodies and men feeling the confidence they need to approach women. That’s a recipe for romantic awesomeness if you ask me.

3 – You Communicate Desirable Qualities

Working out is like saving money. People who do it probably have their lives together. It’s obviously not a guarantee, but in our fast-paced world, we need to make conclusions in dating fast.

You don’t like your time being wasted, so you’re generalizing qualities about a person based on their habits. But guess what?

They’re doing the same about you, so if you want a leg up on the competition, exercise regularly, so it at least appears that you have your crap together.

And I get it exercising and grinding through weights to build muscle is hard. But having scarce dating candidates is hard too. By developing a consistent training schedule, you’re communicating discipline, delayed gratification, and responsibility which are hot characteristics.

In fact, one published study titled, “Does Exercise Make Me More Attractive? Exploring the Relations Between Exercise and Mate Value,” found more frequent exercisers had a higher perceived mate value than less frequent exercisers, independent of sex (1).

4 – Meet Other Like-Minded People

Now that you’re all steamy and confident, what’s next? Well, you can meet like minded people at the gym. It’s not too uncommon to meet and connect with like-minded individuals at the gym.

According to, 62% of singles think the gym is a good place to find love and 75% of people would rather meet at the gym than at a bar.

The quality of candidates is inherently better at the gym. Everyone there is putting in the effort to get hotter, healthier, and get out of the house. Pretty attractive right?

Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for people to meet in group exercise classes, basketball courts, or the sauna.

And research often finds couples who train together often stay together, so the gym is an easy way to enhance your dating life. Get out there my friend.


1. Dobersek, Urska, et al. “Does Exercise Make Me More Attractive? Exploring the Relations between Exercise and Mate Value – Evolutionary Psychological Science.” SpringerLink, Springer International Publishing, 13 Nov. 2020,

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