This Is Why You Should Never Date A Bodybuilder

Never Date A Bodybuilder

The idea of dating a muscular man can be tempting. Having a big man around you can make you feel safe and secure. This is also the reason many men join a gym so they could get more girls.

Just like with most things, dating a bodybuilder can have its pros and cons. And in this case, the cons can be a little heavier than the pros. In the end, it is your decision to make.

Reasons You Should Never Date A Bodybuilder –

  1. You Don’t Like Making Food

No matter who you are or where you’re from, if you’re going to date a bodybuilder you should be ready for this. Diet is one of the most important aspects of bodybuilding, and no bodybuilder will ever compromise on it.

If you happen to find a lazy partner, you could end up cooking all his meals. Pro tip: if you’re starting to date a bodybuilder, give him no clue you can cook. Pretend as if you have no idea how it is done and you can spend the rest of your life in peace.

2. Bodybuilders Can Be Self Centered

Bodybuilding is a sport where an athlete has to focus on himself. This is where bodybuilders can end up being selfish and self-centered. It can be even more prominent if he is prepping for a contest.

Fitness athletes are known to skip family and friends time to work on their art. You should be ready if this happens to you. Let us break this for you, if you like having all the attention, things might not work between you two.

3. You Don’t Like Working Out

Having a ripped partner and being fit yourself are two different things. You can expect your better half to ask you to start working out. If you’re not into the fit lifestyle, it will be better to set the expectations from the beginning.

You will also have to bear with him if he’s always talking about the gym or if he’s spending most of his time in the gym. Some bodybuilders can tend to have a small world which revolves around fitness and staying in shape.

4. Protein Farts

It is no secret bodybuilders eat a lot of protein. Protein can also be one of the hardest nutrients for your body to digest, and this can lead to farts, protein farts. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, just google it.

Trust us; you don’t want to be anywhere near protein farts. And at the same time, you can’t ask or expect your better half to stop eating protein. This will be a part of your life, and you will have to live with it.

5. Steroid Use

If your boyfriend looks anything like the guys on the Mr. Olympia stage, he’s on steroids. This might come as a surprise to you since most bodybuilders don’t like to share this part of their lifestyle with the world.

If you have reservations about drug use, you should stay away from dating a bodybuilder. It is better to clear this out before you start dating a bodybuilder. Don’t be surprised if you still find out about it later after he has denied using it.

Have you ever dated a bodybuilder?

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    • I love trying new meals out!! It’s super fun and I feel creative! You are so not selfish! I love working out with you, I just don’t have as much intense drive as you, but I’m working on that too!!!! Your fsrts only stink sometimes hahaha! ?????? I am so lucky to have a sexy as bodybuilder who cares about his lifestyle, looks, and physique! I would NOT have it any other way #swolemates

  1. Well if u date guy with breast implants filled with 5l.of oil killin shit whatever that means porking not eating but porking and still calling himself a bodybuilder than yes it’s a hudge problem

  2. I know I don’t click on their crap but everyone should stop clicking. Even these comments they think its good engagement because they obviously don’t READ the comments. So these guys thing that CLICK THROUGHS and COMMENTS show the ROI of the post and they get an inflated sense of how the SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM is doing. They think its working when in fact its KILLING the brand.

  3. Well this is a load of tripe!!
    My husband and I have been together 8yrs & married 6 later this month. When we met we were both prepping for shows. He’s still a bodybuilder and there’s ZERO wrong with that.
    I have a husband with a gentle, kind warm soul who happens to have a bucket load of muscle – perfect

  4. This shit is so fucking retarted WTF???? Rich piana is a cool dude i have had the pleasure Of meeting him a couple Of times- and i am pretty sure that he did not let generation iron put this crappy picture Of him and his ex “Sara” his is happy now with a Real and Nice woman. But anyway WTF this article is ficking stupid

  5. hahah ok you guys win, Generation Iron. Ill unsubscribe. Lmao a bb website that hates on bb’s. Ill get my info from sites that don’t photoshop every pic for clickbaiting purposes and talks about articles years from relevant.


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