Fat Burner Supplement: Fighters Core Review

Does Fighters Core provide the best shred for your gains?

Building your ideal physique takes time, but hard work is only part of the equation. It takes effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle supported by regular exercise and a well-balanced diet. However, you can prevent yourself from getting drained and optimize your gains by using a fat burner. Within this Fighters Core review, we’ll explore what fat burners are and how you can use them.

Fighters Core Overview

Fighters Core

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Fighters Core is a leading muscle gain fat loss supplement with some potentially anabolic effects. It uses an exciting formula but comes with a pretty hefty price tag.


  • Solid modern formula
  • Muscle sparing ingredients
  • Contains a balanced amount of stimulants
  • Safe for competitive use
  • Apparently a regularly checked and updated formula


  • High end premium price (a little eye watering)
  • Only available from their website
  • Limited online reviews

See where Fighters Core ended up on our list of the Best Fat Burners!

Fighters Core Fat Burner

Body transformations are all about using the energy balance equation to your advantage. There are a number of factors that impact our bodies—such as exercise, nutrition, physiology and lifestyle. Therefore, changing any of these components helps us get a step closer to our desired aesthetic aspirations.

A muscle gain, fat loss supplement is one such aide. It certainly isn’t a replacement to forgo other health recommendations. Instead, it merely enables you to reach your body goals faster and more efficiently.

Fat burners such as fighters core reviews ingredients which expedite the process in four ways:

  1. It seeks to provide energy and focus. Uplifting your mood – Following a plan is strenuous; therefore, individuals often find it challenging to maintain their workouts or diets. Having a mood enhancer can give you the boost of energy you need to make it through those tough days.
  2. It increases your basal metabolic rate – Certain thermogenic compounds increase our Resting Metabolic Rate and thereby, providing us with fat-burning potential even when we’re not working out.
  3. It controls food cravings – Unhealthy food cravings are a killer for your weight loss or muscle gain progress. Fat burners help to suppress cravings, so you’re in control of your diet and lifestyle.
  4.  It supplements vital nutrients – Another way a nutritional aide helps is by providing you with nutrients or activating processes that enable better absorption of macro-or-micro-nutrients.

To understand how it achieves this, let’s dive into the ingredients and breakdown each component.


The most crucial part of any supplement is its ingredients. It provides an overview of what benefits you can expect before you make a purchase. When it comes to Fighters Core, here’s what we noticed about this muscle gain, fat loss supplement:

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is a craving buster and is present in supplements, particularly for weight loss.

In an 8-week study, the compound effectively reduced cravings and food intake when tested against a placebo (1). The 113 participants who took part were also dealing with atypical depression and were overweight or obese. A simple 600 μg significantly impacted their sugar and carbohydrate consumption.

Further studies on Chromium Picolinate emphasise on its insulin-regulating properties. Several studies indicate that the supplement improves blood sugar for those with diabetes (2)(3).

Therefore, its inclusion will not directly impact weight loss; but it allows you to make healthier lifestyle choices while helping your body regulate its functions optimally.

Coleus Forskohlii

Long been used for Ayurvedic healing and medicine, the Coleus Forskohlii is also a standard in weight loss supplements. It holds particular regard as a stimulant to release stored fat from fat cells (4).

Its promising results are owing to support a calorie deficit by suppressing appetite, aiding in digestion, and increasing metabolic rate. Two studies with overweight or obese men (5) and women (6) concluded significant positive outcomes in regards to participants’ weight loss.

Interestingly, Coleus Forskohlii also improved bone density which provides weightlifters with added benefits than merely enabling fat loss.

Calcium HMB

Calcium is usually associated with building and maintaining healthy bones; but research into the compound reveals its encouraging impact on muscle growth.

During a 12-week study, Calcium HMB takers gained 7.4kg (16.3lbs) of lean muscles against a placebo group. The latter experienced a gain of 2.1kg (4.6lbs) only. This significant result is why HMB earns its better than steroids reputation (7). Likewise, further studies also dove into its body fat reduction capabilities with encouraging results (8).

Green Tea

Green tea is a staple within most supplements due to its many healthy properties. It makes for a powerful antioxidant with multiple benefits for your body and mind.

It helps to uplift your mood (9) and improves brain function(10). Aside from energising you, green tea does possess fat-burning potential. Studies suggest that ingesting the tea in supplement form increased fat oxidation rated by around 17% (11).

Capsimax Cayenne Pepper

Most individuals would shy away from ingesting hot peppers from the fear of having a sensory overload. Hence it may seem a bit odd to include cayenne pepper within a supplement. However, ingesting it in a powder/pill form will provide you with the benefits without experiencing the side effects.

According to one study, using peppers provides a modest thermogenic and appetitive effects for weight loss (12). As far as a natural, vegan ingredient goes, cayenne pepper is definitely a welcome addition.


How could any muscle gain, fat loss supplement be complete without caffeine? From strengthening the results of ergogenic action (13) to improvements in maximal muscle strength (14); caffeine intake can pack a punch.

More importantly, perhaps, it is used as an energiser. Caffeine essentially blocks inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine; thereby increasing dopamine and firing up our neurons (15). The result is that our bodies feel recharged (16) to tackle any challenge.


Theacrine is often used in conjunction with coffee to enhance its effects.

It is essentially a purine alkaloid found in specific teas with a structure similar to caffeine. A stand-alone study suggests that theacrine alone provides an effect identical to the latter (16).


All in all, our Fighters Core review is a winning supplement, especially for those working out a minimum of 3 times per week. The supplement consists of a blend of energy and focus enhancers, fat loss and muscle growth aids. The ingredients are vegetarian-friendly option for fitness enthusiasts in need of a true muscle gain, fat loss supplement. Additionally, due to its natural ingredients, it is unlikely you’d experience any negative side effects.

Overall, Fighters Core has some powerful, potent and scientifically-backed ingredients to help you achieve your weight loss goals in rapid time. Without losing out on hard won gains.

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