Flex Wheeler Battles Through Nerve Damage, Hits the Gym to Train Back

Flex Wheeler once again battles through the odds.

Flex Wheeler has gone through a considerable amount over the past several months. It appears that his leg amputation was only one of the hardships that the bodybuilding legend has been going through physically. Now it appears that Flex Wheeler has been afflicted with another ailment.

The veteran bodybuilder has apparently been dealing with neuropathy. But rather than let this nerve damage diagnosis get him down, Flex Wheeler is once again showing the heart and resolve of a champion.

If a leg amputation couldn’t keep Flex Wheeler out of the gym then you can bet a little nerve damage isn’t going to stop the legend. Here he is hitting the gym to work back like a true savage.

From what everything Flex Wheeler has been through, it appears that nothing can hold this IFBB legend back.

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