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Take some advice and expand your pecs.

Experienced bodybuilders weren’t always the advanced behemoths that they may be today. When everyone first starts out they have a problem area that they hope to focus on, a particular body part that needs some whipping into shape. It’s the area of their body that they hope to make improvements on because they either wish to emulate someone else they’ve seen or just simply because they want to perfect that muscle group. But for as long as the experienced bodybuilders have trained, there’s no doubt that you have a favorite body part to train.

When you sit back and think about it, it’s only natural that a particular muscle group, whether it’s a problem area or not, will eventually become you favorite body part to train. For some, making arm gains are simple and easy and they gravitate towards working those muscles because it’s easy to see gains. For many others, legs are their most developed body part and they train them with enthusiasm. But for a great deal of male bodybuilders, the chest has always been a cause for concern.

The pecs get a great deal of attention for different factors. There are some male lifters that have small chest with no fat, no muscle, no nothing. They wish to pack on some muscle because it’s preferable to the “bird chest” that they have now. There are others with plenty of fat and muscle on their pecs, but the excess can make it appear that they have man boobs. Carving out a powerful and sculpted chest can be a real chore for some people, but for many others it can be their favorite muscle group to train simply because they want to improve upon it so much.

French bodybuilder and fitness model Marvin Tilliere has said as much about his own chest gains. He has the physique of a superhero which requires having a powerful chest to bring everything together. Take a look at the secrets the Frenchman used to build his pecs.

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