Generation Iron Network Begins Production On Natural Bodybuilding Documentary

Generation Iron Network plans to pull the curtain back on natural bodybuilding with new documentary.

The Generation Iron Network and The Vladar Company have announced that production has begun on a new feature film documentary exploring the world of natural bodybuilding competitions.

Generation Iron Network has previously traveled the world showcasing all walks of life within the world of professional bodybuilding including the journey to Mr. Olympia, social media bodybuilding influencers, and how cultures in different countries across the world visualize the “perfect physique.” Now the producers behind the Generation Iron trilogy are journeying into the sport of natural bodybuilding as production begins for a brand new feature documentary.

Diving headfirst into the natural bodybuilding league INBA/PNBA and including competitors such as Robert Terry, Philip Ricardo, Adrian Petriariu, and Alondra Chatman. This documentary will be chronicling the history and future of natural bodybuilding as a sport and looking inside the lives of natural bodybuilding athletes as they prepare to compete in the Natural Olympia. The film will also feature Mike O’Hearn – a self proclaimed natural bodybuilder who has been under much scrutiny by the public eye due to his incredible physique that many believe to be not possible without performance enhancing drugs.

“For Years now we have been getting so many requests for Generation Iron to highlight natural bodybuilders in our films. Well, here’s one now.” Said director Vlad Yudin. “I am really excited to explore this world and showcase it in our new film.”

The currently untitled natural bodybuilding documentary will be directed by Vlad Yudin (Generation Iron trilogy, Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster) and produced by both Yudin and Edwin Mejia Jr (Generation Iron trilogy, Dorian Yates: the Original Mass Monster). Vladar’s 2019 film slate includes the life story documentary on Dorian Yates scheduled for release on November 15.

The film is set to release in early 2020 on limited screens followed by a wide digital release. Stick around the Generation Iron Fitness Network for more details as they become available.

The Vladar Company

The Vladar Company is a media and entertainment company, which focuses on developing, financing, and packaging a library of intellectual properties. The company has become a leading producer of many niche genres and multiple mediums in US and international markets, while also expanding into acquiring and distributing high quality content.

Vladar continues to develop, finance, and release projects in different formats as well as create and build media brands. Vladar also focuses on creating and developing new distribution models, and contributes to the success of independent film and TV production.

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