Generation Iron Network Announces Dorian Yates Feature Documentary

Generation Iron Network producing life story of Dorian Yates.

Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster is now available for pre-order on DVD and digital. Pre-order today right here.

Production has officially begun on the Generation Iron Network’s latest feature film documentary – an all encompassing documentary on the legendary Dorian Yates. The film will capture brand new footage of Dorian Yates’ current life while also reflecting back on the entirety of his career. It will also feature key interviews with many of his contemporaries and star-studded pro bodybuilders influenced by the legacy of Dorian.

To many, Dorian Yates was the original mass monster. A bodybuilder who ushered in a brand new kind of physique that continued to evolve throughout bodybuilding’s evolution to what we now have today. Dorian Yates is a six time Mr. Olympia champion who is widely considered to be one of the top bodybuilders in modern history and is most known for his wide and thick back.

The film will be directed by Generation Iron trilogy’s Vlad Yudin and produced by both Yudin and Edwin Mejia Jr. The announcement comes one year after the release of the #1 sports documentary, Ronnie Coleman: The King, which remained #1 for five weeks on the US digital home video charts. Production will take place over the course of two weeks in Birmingham, England as well as various locations in Spain and other European countries.

“It’s a pleasure to work on another life story of a very interesting and mysterious icon in the sport of bodybuilding. As always, I look forward to expanding Dorian Yates’ well known legacy and discovering new and pivotal moments in his story.”

– Producer and director Vlad Yudin

Dorian Yates has already taken to Twitter, on location during production, to announce the exciting news.

Dorian Yates documentary twitter announcement Generation Iron

The Dorian Yates movie is set to release later this year. For more information about the official film title, cast, and release date stay right here on the Generation Iron Fitness Network.

Check out the first behind-the-scenes images from production below:

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