Generation Iron Network Announces Lee Priest Feature Documentary

Generation Iron Network producing the controversial life story of Lee Priest.

Generation Iron Network has officially announced that it will begin production on a feature documentary chronicling the life and times of Lee Priest – the controversial and outspoken bodybuilder known for his blunt honesty throughout his career.

Lee Priest competed successfully in the IFBB for 16 years until he famously earned a lifetime suspension from competing. Since then, he has been known as a renegade in the sport – speaking openly about competitive bodybuilding in a way many active competitors shy away from.

The film will be directed by Vlad Yudin (Generation Iron, Ronnie Coleman: The King) and produced by Edwin Mejia Jr. (Generation Iron). This comes after the recent announcement of another feature documentary that has begun production focusing on the life story of Dorian Yates.  Production will take place over the course of two weeks in Sydney and Newcastle, Australia.

The Lee Priest movie is set to release later this year. For more information about the official film title, additional cast, and release date stay right here on the Generation Iron Network.

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