Generation Iron Network Acquires Stake In Gym Fuckery

Generation Iron acquires stake in fastest growing ‘gym fails’ media brand

The Generation Iron Network today announced that it has acquired a major stake in the Gym Fuckery brand, created by Mihai Keresztes – a content aggregating video brand collecting funny fitness, bodybuilding, and dangerous gym fails. Gym Fuckery currently holds over 1 million digital subscribers and owns an extensive library of viral content that reaches several millions views monthly and generates over 20 million impressions around the world.

Generation Iron Network’s team will be handling business operations, invest into infrastructure and help strengthen Gym Fuckery’s digital advertising and licensing business. Licensing will become the major part of company’s development, as many deals already have been structured with 3rd party mainstream networks such as Viacom’s MTV.

Generation Iron will also utilize its international digital companies and reach across the globe to help expand the Gym Fuckery brand. This partnership will allow Gym Fuckery to streamline its operations, build a revenue generating advertising business and expand its licensing capabilities. will also be created to streamline the video submission process for millions of fans who submit their “Fail” videos as well as host the videos for viewing and new rating system.

This comes just two weeks after announcing that Generation Iron had purchased Strength Wars, a strength lifting competition brand and clothing line. Generation Iron is looking to put greater emphasis on its ability to service and expand its rights management business and its digital advertising footprint.

“Gym Fuckery stake is in line with our global media business strategy. We expect an expansive future for the brand and continued original content.” Said Edwin Mejia Jr, Co-Founder of the Generation Iron Network.

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