George Farah Believes Being Shot Is A Main Reason He Got Cancer

George Farah recounts the story of being shot and how he believes it relates to his later cancer diagnosis.

George Farah has lived many lives, almost literally. He’s nearly died twice. Once when he was shot in a bizarre wrong place, wrong time incident. And again later when he flatlined during a dramatic moment battling cancer. It’s at once tragic and miraculous what he’s been and survived through. That’s why we asked him to recount the story of being shot – which he surprisingly connects to later getting cancer. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, George Farah explains why he believes beings shot later led to him having cancer.

It’s well known at this point that George Farah was shot in an accidental mishap. It’s also well known that he was diagnosed with cancer and later (thankfully) recovered. He’s been through a lot. What’s great about Farah is that he’s a talker – and he’s completely open about discussing both the shooting incident and his diagnosis and battle with cancer. During our recent video conversation – we asked him to recount the moment he was shot and what that experience was like.

He briefly explained how he was misidentified as someone else – whom the shooter was gunning for. It was a “wrong place, wrong time” kind of situation. He also describes how traumatic the entire fallout was. He wouldn’t wish that kind of near death shooting experience to happen to anyone. Most people watching this video will likely agree. No one wants to be shot.

But the interesting bit of this story comes from what George Farah says afterwards. While he has no direct evidence, he believes that being shot is what eventually led to his later cancer diagnosis. He believes that having led pierce through your body as a foreign object is not good for your health (obviously).


But what he means more specifically, is that small fragments of the lead were most likely not able to be removed. That is then settling and flowing through his body in areas like his intestines. He thinks this kind of toxic and foreign material in his body is one of the main reasons he eventually had cancer.

“Because of that gunshot and because of those bullet fragments they left in me – that’s probably one of the main reasons I got cancer,” George Farah claims in our interview. He continues:

“I truly, truly believe, you know, just like you know lead is not good. That’s why if you have a house with lead, you have to paint it because it’s cancer, whatever, it’s not good… so imagine you have lead in your intestines and your rectum and all those places. They couldn’t take everything out. I think that’s one of the reasons.”

It’s an interesting theory and one that he whole hardily believes. Ultimately he tries not to dwell on it much. As he says it himself, he’s been “dead a couple of times.” He believes that there is a greater plan of fate that brings him through it. He’s grateful to be alive. It’s also a big reason why he’s changed his attitude about health in bodybuilding in our past interview segments. He knows what it’s like to almost lose life. Anything that one can do to extend life and avoid health risks should be taken seriously.

You can watch George Farah go into full detail about being shot and his cancer diagnosis in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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