George Farah: Milos Sarcev Is Wrong To Promote Insulin In Bodybuilding

George Farah doubles down on his anti insulin stance in bodybuilding.

Over a year ago, bodybuilding coach and guru George Farah strongly criticized the use of insulin in bodybuilding. He claimed it was an outright dangerous drug to use inappropriately. He believes that using insulin for benefits in bodybuilding is always the wrong way to use the drug. A year later, we followed up with Farah to revisit his stance on this topic. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, George Farah urges bodybuilders to stop using insulin and thinks it is wrong for Milos Sarcev to promote it.

George Farah wants to get something off his chest. He wants the world to know that bodybuilders use insulin far less often than people think. In recent years, many believe that insulin has become a mainstay in top level pro bodybuilding. Farah is here to debunk that belief. In fact, he goes on to say that he has had up to six athletes in the top 10 of the Mr. Olympia. He knows for a fact all six of them did not use insulin.

In George Farah’s mind, that’s all the evidence anyone would need. These bodybuilders have made it into the top 10 of the world without insulin. So why would anyone want to take the health risk just to get an edge over the competition? Farah believes it’s not necessary.

We followed up asking George Farah about his thoughts on Milos Sarcev. Milos is a bodybuilding coach who is a strong proponent of insulin in bodybuilding. His argument is that insulin can be used safely, as long as it’s not abused. He feels this way about nearly all taboo drugs. It can be safe when done correctly. After our initial interview with George Farah, Milos responded to Farah’s comments about insulin. Clearly the two are at odds with this topic.

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That’s why we asked George Farah for his thoughts on Milos Sarcev and his endorsement of insulin for bodybuilders. Does he think Milos is simply wrong? Farah had this to say in his response:

“Milos is a friend of mine okay? I don’t want to say he’s wrong or right. He’s wrong promoting insulin. This is my opinion. He’s entitled to his opinion but my opinion… I don’t think we should have insulin [in bodybuilding].”

George Farah goes on to detail how many bodybuilders he knows who have health problems. The fact is that bodybuilding already has health risks as it is. Farah doesn’t understand why a bodybuilder would want to add even more risk to that.

It seems that insulin is where George Farah draws the line. He has gone on the record endorsing the use of steroids for bodybuilding (though he does think it’s often abused too much recently). When it comes to insulin, though, Farah believes it’s a black and white issue. It’s clearly unhealthy. It’s clearly dangerous. And even when done right, it can lead to complications. At least, that is what George Farah believes.

You can watch George Farah go into full detail about Milos Sarcev, insulin, and bodybuilding in our latest GI Exclusive segment above!