Generation Iron Phil & Kai Rivalry

Is the rivalry less than genuine?

The Phil Heath and Kai Greene rivalry has been well documented for years now. The two athletes have also been fiercely competitive when it comes to the sport, but things seemed to take a turn in last month’s Mr. Olympia competition. Each man threw barbs at the other as things steadily began to heat up at the Olympia press conference on the eve of the event. Tensions began to enter the red zone as Phil and Kai’s verbal confrontation looked to be spiraling into a physical one at the prejudging.

Phil Heath already claimed that the “fight” on stage at Mr. Olympia was very real. He even goes as far to say that Kai was, in a sense, bred to hate Phil in order to give the competitor more drive. But things may not be exactly how they appear. In an interview with Shawn Ray of Muscular Development, George Farah explains his thoughts on the Phil/Kai rivalry. Check it out in the video below.

So do you think the Phil and Kai rivalry is all a publicity stunt? A confrontation to raise viewership? Is George Farah just playing it off to calm everyone down? Weigh in on the subject in the comments below and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to give us your answer.



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