George Peterson Full Interview | Changing Divisions, Building A Wide Back, & More!

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George Peterson is a bodybuilder with an incredible physique and an equally incredible journey throughout his bodybuilding career. Peterson started bodybuilding over 10 years ago, took a 5 year break, and then returned in the newly made Classic Physique division. Ultimately, he changed things up yet again and bumped up to the Men’s 212 division. His debut was in 2020.

That’s why we connected with George Peterson for a video interview to discuss his big switch in divisions and also go in-depth about his training, nutrition, and thoughts on trending topics in the sport. It was a long and insightful interview breaking down the intricacies of modern bodybuilding.

Over the past few months we’ve released multiple GI Exclusive segments from our interview with George Peterson. Now we’re releasing the full length interview including topics such as his switch from Classic Physique to Men’s 212, the secret to his wide back, how to build trust with a coach, and more.

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The Real Reason He Moved Up To Men’s 212 Bodybuilding

Not many bodybuilding fans may know this, but George Peterson did not start out as a Classic Physique bodybuilder. He started as a Men’s Open bodybuilder in 2008. He rose up through the amateur ranks and eventually started landing in the heavyweight class.

George Peterson wasn’t liking the way the massive amount of weight was affecting his aesthetic. He wasn’t happy with what he would have to do to continue succeeding in Open bodybuilding. So he quit. At the time both for himself and fans it seemed that this was a permanent stepping down from the sport.

It wasn’t until 2016 when the Classic Physique division was introduced that everything changed. He returned to the sport, won the 2016 Nationals overall, and then landed some spectacular placings as a Pro Classic Physique bodybuilder at the Arnold Classic and Olympia.


Then in a shocking move, he changed divisions again. This time to Men’s 212. We asked George Peterson why he decided to make that move considering he showed so much promise in Classic Physique. He admits that it was an extremely hard decision. Peterson is extremely passionate about Classic Physique. He likes that it allows for a wide variety of aesthetic types. He convinced himself that even though he carries more muscle than a lot of typical Classic Physique athletes, he still had the waist to showcase something special in the division.

But it seemed ultimately this just wasn’t true. His size kept getting in the way of being able to truly fit in with Classic Physique. Though he placed well, George Peterson describes having to cut 10 pounds during the final weeks of contest prep just to make weight. His body was growing and reacting in such a way – that he was constantly fighting against his size – not working with it.

On top of this, George Peterson believes his 3rd place Olympia finish was truly the best version of his physique under that weight limit. He couldn’t see a future where he improved anything further at that weight. Ultimately, he understood that he had to step up to a slightly higher limit under the Men’s 212.

It wasn’t an easy decision. He truly put his heart into Classic Physique. He still has a passionate place for it to this day. But he also understands the reality of his genetics and how his body works. His passion for weightlifting as a whole drives him to succeed in bodybuilding. He hopes that Men’s 212 will give him the opportunity to become a champion on his own terms.

George Peterson Shares His Secrets For A Wide Back

We asked George Peterson to share his tips for how to take your back to the next level. Peterson is well known for having one of the most impressive backs in the sport. So what kind of unique insights can he provide to help others chase the glory he’s obtained?

George Peterson was more than happy to share his tactic. He, in fact, shared it with a grin. He explains the key tactics that he has always done whenever working out on back day. It sounds simple – but it’s a focus on muscle movement and mind-muscle connection. It’s that special extra awareness with every rep that can make or break your progress from good back to supreme back.


George Peterson explains that with every single rep of every single back workout you perform. It’s important to stretch wide your chest as full as possible. That’s what George Peterson does. He makes sure that he widens his chest at the peak of each exercises movement. He wants to feel every single back muscle working to achieve each rep.

It doesn’t sound like much – but what is important is to be vigilant throughout the entire workout. It’s easy to go into auto pilot after months of training. Or perhaps, towards the end of your workout you are so exhausted that your mind wanders. George Peterson ensures that he takes his time to stretch full with every rep. It can’t be ignored. It has to be included through to the very end for every workout. Period.

Wrap Up

George Peterson is a powerhouse bodybuilder who is also open to going in-depth on some of the most vital topics in bodybuilding. That’s why you should check out the full GI Exclusive interview above! He shares his personal experience and tips for training, nutrition, and more.

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