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Shawn Ray recaps his thoughts on Ronnie Coleman in the wake of ‘Ronnie Coleman: The King.’

With the recent announcement of Ronnie Coleman: The King going officially on pre order and releasing on June 22 – Shawn Ray reflects back on the long and storied career of Ronnie Coleman and gives his two cents as to whether or not he believes that Ronnie was the greatest of all time.

Ronnie Coleman: The King is releasing worldwide on all major VOD platforms on June 22, 2018 – and will be chronicling not only his world record breaking career but also the current hurdles in his life after multiple back and hip surgeries have left him in dire pain and struggling to walk.

Do you think Ronnie Coleman is the greatest of all time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below – and make sure to pre order ‘Ronnie Coleman: The King’ to see the most complete biography of a true legend in the sport.

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