We go from the rich to the poor muscle in this jam packed episode.

We’re back with a full fledged episode full of bodybuilding news and entertainment and there’s a hell of a lot to get caught up on. This episode is packed with some original tunes brought to you by none other than Ronnie Coleman himself; the new budding romance between Steve Kuclo and Amanda Latona; and a completely shredded homeless bodybuilder. Seriously, this guy is homeless and he’s in better shape than most of the rich people hanging out at the top.

Speaking of rich – we’ve also put together the top five wealthiest bodybuilders of all time. There may not be a lot of money to go around unless you reach the top – but these pro bodybuilders have gone above and beyond with their business prowess, personal outreach; and epic gains to make an entire career out of bodybuilding. If you want to be one of these full time bodybuilders – check out our list to find out what kind of $$$ you need to beat.

All this and more in the video just above. So check it out, get caught up, and get pumped.


Also if you missed it – check out last week’s blooper reel to get an inside look at all of the crazy energy that goes on behind the scenes of GI Weekly. Stay pumped.

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