Generation Iron, Golden State Championships, CompetitionWho will be the golden champion?

Welcome back, Generation Iron fans! Another weekend, another bodybuilding competition to get excited about. Tomorrow will kick off the Golden State Championships – and there’s definitely a lot to be excited about. As many of you may already know, bodybuilding champions Phil Heath and Jay Cutler will be in attendance at the Golden State Championships to do a special guest Q & A seminar. So if you weren’t already pumped, now you have no excuse.

Here’s a breakdown of the schedule tomorrow:

10:00 AM Prejudging

NPC Women’s Physique

NPC Men’s Bodybuilding

NPC Figure

Olympia Seminar – Q&A with Phil Heath and Jay Cutler

IFBB Pro Women’s Physique Open & Masters

IFBB Pro Men’s Bodybuilding

NPC Men’s Physique

NPC Women’s Bikini

6:00 PM Finals

NPC Women’s Physique

NPC Men’s Bodybuilding

NPC Figure

IFBB Pro Women’s Physique Open & Masters

IFBB Pro Men’s Bodybuilding

NPC Men’s Physique

NPC Bikini


If you’re attending the Golden State Championships, share your excitement in the comments section below. You can also spread some love on our Facebook or Twitter too, if you feel like it. We love the attention!

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