Bodybuilding Coach Ameen Alai Reportedly Arrested for Distribution of Substance Resulting in Death

Ameen Alai bodybuilding coach

Guru Ameen Alai was reportedly indicted for distributing the substance ibogaine, resulting in the death of an individual. 

Recent reports have confirmed that Ameen Alai has been arrested for the distribution of a substance that resulted in death. RxMuscle, reports that according to the Department of Justice in Colorado, there was a confirmed indictment on Ameen Alai, aka “Guru” Ameen Alai. He’s being charged with a one count distribution of the substance ibogaine, a Schedule I controlled substance, resulting in an anonymous individual’s death. 

The penalty for this crime is severe. Alai could be facing up to 20 years to life in prison if convicted. Other than that, there are very few details on the case.

Reports Source From The Department of Justice in Colorado 

RxMuscle’s report is sourced from the Department of Justice. At the time of this writing, Ameen Alai has not responded to initial contact to confirm the story – nor has he made a public statement. According to a press release by the DOJ in Colorado, this indictment stems from March 2021. The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado reported:

“On or about March 19, 2021, the defendant, also known as “Adam Powars,” knowingly and intentionally distributed a mixture and substance containing a detectable amount of ibogaine, the use of which resulted in the death of an individual on or about March 19, 2021.”

According to reports from the Department of Justice in Colorado, the defendant made his first court appearance on January 12, 2023, under Magistrate Judge S. Kato Crews. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Rocky Mountain Division and the HIDTA Front Range Task Force (FRTF) investigated this case. 

Guru Ameen Alai 

Ameen Alai of Westminister, Colorado, is currently 49 years of age. Guru Ameen Alai is a bodybuilding, master trainer, and fitness guru. “The Mad Scientist” helps men achieve the 90s-era bodybuilding look, otherwise known as Men’s Classic Physique. 

In 2019, Generation Iron exclusively interviewed him with King Kamali. Ameen Alai was on King’s World, a digital series that discusses all things about the truth of bodybuilding, starring King Kamali. In this episode, Alai discusses bodybuilding prep, nutrition, and training. And they dove into the dark side of drugs and bodybuilding. And According to Kamali, Alai played a big role in much of Kamali’s powerhouse bodybuilding career. 

Here’s the full video of the interview below:

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