Guy Cisternino: Love For Social Media Is Replacing Love For Training In Bodybuilding

Guy Cisternino shares one of the biggest things he hates about bodybuilding today.

Guy Cisternino is a pro bodybuilder who is not afraid to speak his mind – even if it’s not what people want to hear. That’s why we asked him to share one thing he loves about modern bodybuilding… and one thing he hates about modern bodybuilding. In our latest GI Exclusive, Guy Cisternino details how he loves the camaraderie of bodybuilding but hates how social media has changed training.

In our first GI Exclusive segment with Guy Cisternino, we discussed the viral video showcasing him confronting people at the gym. He was in the middle of a set and was angry due to younger gym patrons filming aggressively close to the current exercise machine Cisternino was using. Ultimately, he was able to explain himself and patch things up with the young gym-goers.

But the problem that started it, filming constantly in the gym during training, is the biggest thing that Guy Cisternino dislikes about modern bodybuilding. In his own words, he believes that, “the love for training is becoming more a love for social media.” What he means by this is that young bodybuilders see training more as “content” rather than a means to improving their physique.

This is, of course, a very generalized statement. But it tracks with what Guy Cisternino was telling us in a previous segment as well. Cisternino loves hardcore focused bodybuilders. Branch Warren is one of his biggest inspiration. Today, he sees less of that and more young bodybuilders constantly filming their training and filming random content in between sets. Cisternino worries that young bodybuilders are trying to skip the line and become famous before they accomplish major victories as a competitive bodybuilder.


Social media has also proved that you can be successful without ever competing. Influencers like Rich Piana, Bradley Martyn, and Craig Golias find success through social media without having to compete on the pro level. Guy Cisternino argues that those individuals are the outliers. The problem is everyone wants to be the outlier instead of doing the hard work of becoming a successful pro.

“They’re trying to be in our shoes as professionals before even stepping on stage. And it’s frustrating,” Guy Cisternino states in our interview. He continues:

“And yeah, in my eyes, and I don’t think it’s bad to say But for me to say it’s not disrespectful to think that a 20 year old kid has a camera crew filing himself working out because he thinks… he’s trying to be somebody on the same level as somebody like me? What I do? It’s crazy. It’s like, I would never act like I’m a professional football player on social media because I’m not a professional football player. But you’re going to act like you’re a professional bodybuilder or professional trainer and you’re 20 years old and have a camera crew? Like work for what you have.”

This is a divide between generations that exists beyond bodybuilding. A portion of millennials and Gen Z grew up a world where it feels like anyone can become famous because sites like YouTube and Instagram have a low bar for entry. Namely, it’s free to upload and broadcast content. Once that content became monetizable – newer generations discovered there was money to be made via influencer success.


But much like fame in any era – it can only be a small percentage who actually achieve it. Now with the bar for entry lower, it at least seems like more individuals are attempting to pursue it. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this. But when it enters tried and true traditions or public spaces – it can clash with the old way of doing things.

Is one inherently worse than the other? Time and reflection on an entire generation will be the true teacher. But for Guy Cisternino, it’s simply something he hates about the current state of bodybuilding. It’s not wrong. It’s not right. But it’s something that clashes with what he loves about bodybuilding – the passion for training above all else.

You can watch Guy Cisternino explain his full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!