Guy Cisternino Full Interview | Gym Rant, Training With Branch Warren, & More

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Guy Cisternino is a former Men’s 212 bodybuilder who recently announced his retirement from competitive bodybuilding in 2021. He was known for his old school hardcore training techniques, his blunt honesty about topics in the sport, and holding an incredible physique. He was also the subject of a viral online controversy when he was caught on camera aggressively yelling at other lifters in the gym.

That’s why we originally connected with Guy Cisternino, for him to share his side of the viral video and talk about gym etiquette in the social media age of bodybuilding and lifting. We also went over his bodybuilding career and his thoughts on the future of the sport.

Over the past few months we’ve released multiple GI Exclusive segments from our interview with Guy Cisternino. This uncut full length interview includes topics such as training with Branch Warren, lifting heavy weight vs light weight, and how social media has affected bodybuilding – among other topics.

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Guy Cisternino breaks down in detail the gym argument video that went viral.

Guy Cisternino starts out explaining that he believes the video was blown too far out of proportion. He acknowledges that the video cuts off early. Due to that the audience imagination ran rampant. Without context, the video could be seen as an aggressive move on Cisternino’s part. Or it can be seen as an understandable mishap. That’s why he wants to give further context on the moment in question.

Guy Cisternino goes on to explain that the men he argued with in the video were originally much closer than they appeared. Since they were off camera for majority of the clip, we only see them after they have slowly stepped away. This contributed to the criticisms when people watched the video.

Furthermore, Guy Cisternino points out that he asks them give him some space twice before he jumped off the machine. While he wasn’t 100% politely speaking to them – it was also mid set. He was under physical pressure and pushing his body while also trying to ask them to give him more space. They quickly got defensive and then Cisternino lost his cool.

Guy Cisternino goes on to say that he was also filming on behalf of the gym. He argues that he was working. And even if it wasn’t on behalf of the gym, a pro bodybuilder training is doing their job. Not everyone knows this. And how could they? But the fact still remains valid.

Ultimately, while Guy Cisternino defends his actions he also understands that he’s not a perfect person. He doesn’t think the video deserved such scrutiny. At the same time, he did lose his temper and he acknowledges that.

Guy Cisternino: Branch Warren Still Trains Today Harder Than 90% Of Pro Bodybuilders

Branch Warren no longer competes and has been retired for quite some time. That being said, he still maintains his massive physique and enjoys training in the gym. Not only that, but Branch still goes full hardcore on his sets even in retirement.

Guy Cisternino recounts how he just met up with Branch Warren recently for a training session. What was most refreshing to Cisternino is that Branch still trained like a beast. He has no reason to anymore other than personal enjoyment of the intensity of lifting. It’s a feeling that Cisternino can relate to.

Not only that, but he believes that Branch Warren trains harder than most pros today. It’s a bold claim – but one that we wouldn’t doubt. Branch Warren often received criticism for training too hardcore. That he would bring himself too big a risk of injury and ruin his career. Perhaps it’s that kind of risk taking that Guy Cisternino misses in the modern crop of bodybuilders.

Wrap Up

We discuss many more topics with Guy Cisternino than what can be fully covered in this article. That’s why you should check out the full GI Exclusive interview above! We discuss far many more topics including lifting heavy vs lifting light weight, how social media affects bodybuilding today, and more!