Guy Cisternino: Bodybuilding Today Needs More Intensity

Guy Cisternino talks about his bad luck in 2020 and how he wishes young bodybuilders today had more intensity.

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 was a bad year. That’s especially true for Guy Cisternino – but in a way that you might not expect. Beyond the quarantine, Cisternino had a string of bizarre bad luck that made his 2020 bodybuilding career disappointing to himself. But he doesn’t let him get too down so long as he can still train in the gym and help inspire the younger generation of bodybuilders.

But as he faces a new generation coming up in the ranks, he does have one wish for the future of bodybuilding. He wants there to be more young bodybuilders that exhibit the kind of training intensity he brings into the gym. Bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren, and Guy Cisternino are becoming a dying breed. According to Cisternino, there just aren’t that many bodybuilders who go truly hardcore in the gym. This goes beyond physique quality. It’s simply a mental attitude that Cisternino personally prefers. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Guy Cisternino details his hopes for a new crop of bodybuilders that bring intensity back to the sport.

Nick Walker is one of the biggest standout young bodybuilders coming into the pro league today. There’s no doubting that he has a massive frame and the promise to be a threatening competitor ranking in the top spots of competitions. Guy Cisternino has no doubt of that either. But what he’s noticed is that Walker is so powerful – that he can lift heavy weight with ease. He puts up a massive bench press without making a sound.

While this doesn’t affect Nick Walker’s physique at the end of the day – it does find Cisternino longing for an older era of bodybuilding. Guy Cisternino is similar to bodybuilders like Branch Warren. When he trains in the gym – he goes extremely intense and hardcore. Yelling, loud noises, and bursts of intensity are common. That’s because he puts every ounce of himself into ever rep.

While there is certainly some correlation between intensity in training and effectiveness of your workouts – it’s not necessary to scream in the gym to be a talented bodybuilder. Ultimately, Cisternino is not criticizing the younger generation for problems with the quality of their physique. Instead, he’s simply lamenting a dying breed of personality in the sport. The kind of personality that partially made him love bodybuilding in the first place.

“A part of me just hopes that, man, maybe a couple of these kids will just carry that intensity on because I just don’t see it that often,” Guy Cisternino states in our interview. He continues:

“I think bodybuilding needs some intensity sometimes. I think you need guys like Dorian, like Ronnie, like Branch, like Kai, like me, like Flex, like Jose Raymond. I think you need that, you know? I think it makes it a little more fun.”

At the end of the day bodybuilding is a sport. But you’d be a fool to think that part of what makes sports great is the culture behind them. For Guy Cisternino, that hardcore intensity is what made him love the sport to a large degree. As he gets older and as he sees that intensity slowly fall to the wayside – he misses it.

You can watch Guy Cisternino go into full detail about the new generation of bodybuilding and intensity within the sport by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview above!