Hafthor Bjornsson Responds to Eddie Hall Rematch Talk, Logan Paul and KSI Fights

Hafthor Bjornsson gives a response to Eddie Hall.

It appears that Hafthor Bjornsson is dropping his grudge with Eddie Hall. After their intense boxing match Bjornsson and Hall shared something only combatants who’ve traded blows can understand. A mutual respect between the two has been forged and has been forged in blood. There’s truly nothing quite like hand to hand combat to get rivals seeing eye to eye.

“So a special thanks to Eddie,” said Hafthor Bjornsson. “I want to also say that he’s a great athlete. There’s things he did in his career that are that a lot of people that were impossible. For example lifting 500kg back in 2016 I believe it was. Doing that then, was to many people impossible.

“Even to people like myself but he because he did that, he opened a lot of doors for many people. He inspired a lot of people. He even inspired me. He made me An a believer that pulling more than 500kg was possible. He opened those doors. I want to say thank you to Eddie.”

Hafthor Bjornsson also took the time to address the charities he and Hall agreed to contribute to. Both men had causes they wished to donate to and Bjornsson cleared up that issue in his response.

“Let’s talk about the charity as you guys know, me and Eddie are both going to give away $200,000, $400,000 total for charity that I’m going to pick. I’ll be making a special YouTube about that when the time is right and when I have received the money from the fight. I can’t wait. I cannot wait. I feel blessed to do a very nice thing.”

The Bet

Hafthor Bjornsson also went on to address their tattoo bet. Bjornsson and Eddie Hall agreed that if the other lost they’d have to get a tattoo of “World’s Strongest Man: winner’s name” on their body. Since Hall lost he would have to get the tattoo “World’s Strongest Man: Hafthor Bjornsson” placed somewhere on his body.

Hafthor Bjornsson addressed the issue and stated his thoughts and opinions.

“Anyways, let’s talk about the tattoo. It’s nice that you’re going to honor your bets Eddie. It’s nice you’re going to give away $200,000 for charity. It’s nice to hear that you want to get the tattoo but I got a bit confused from your video. I want to refresh my memory, you said you’re going to get the tattoo if I sign the rematch clause?

“Well, you lost the fight and you’re supposed to get the tattoo. I know you want to take your time and I respect that. Do it on your own time, but don’t take too long. Let’s get this done in a month at least.

“I’ll give you time but let’s not drag it out too long. You need to get this tattoo done. Where, I don’t care. The size? I don’t care. Just get it done. The color, I don’t care. Just get it done. At least (make it) readable. I don’t care if it’s on your foot, on your calf, or on your ass, under your hair, just as long as you can show people that you’re getting the tattoo. Just honor your words. Like you have said, you are a man of your word.”

Future Fights

The Eddie Hall rematch isn’t the only fight Hafthor Bjornsson has on his mind. After being called out by YouTuber and rapper KSI and with Logan Paul being thrown around as an option it’s given Bjornsson much to consider. From the sounds of things the massive strongman isn’t taking those fights too seriously.

“I saw KSI was calling me out a little bit. Saying that I’m slow, and this and that. I’ve heard those claims before but believe me KSI even though I’m slow I can punch you in the head quite hard. I heard some poeple say ‘oh, you should fight Logan Paul’. Even take Paul, there’s a reason for weight classes guys.”

See the full video response below.

So what do you think of Hafthor Bjornsson and his response to the latest issues?

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Jonathan Salmon
Managing editor of Generation Iron, Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. He has been writing about bodybuilding, combat sports, and strength sports for over 8 years. Check out his YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud for in-depth MMA analysis.