Hafthor Bjornsson Has Bold Words For Eddie Hall: “If He’s Not Ready, I Will Punish Him”

Hafthor Bjornsson is ready for war against rival Eddie Hall.

The much anticipated boxing match between former World’s Strongest Man champs Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall is still over a year away. In that time both men will have to push themselves like never before to be combat ready.

Hall has been documenting his training leading up to the bout as has Bjornsson. Both men have been taking their preparation seriously and it shows. Already Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall have dropped weight from their rigorous boxing regimen.

In a recent interview with TheMacLife, Hafthor Bjornsson spoke on the upcoming bout. In particular when asked about Eddie Hall and his trash talk, Bjornsson was sharp, stern and confident.

“I like to just focus on me, he wants to focus on me, which is OK. He can drain his energy on me and be grumpy, and so on. I like to focus on me I have plenty of things on my plate right now, plenty of things to think about.”

When asked how this crazy match got signed in the first place, Bjornsson spoke on his history with Eddie Hall.

“Like people know there has been a rivalry between me and Eddie Hall since 2017.”

Always confident in his abilities, Hafthor Bjornsson seems to be unfazed. The Icelandic strongman champion seems prepared to put on an impressive performance come September 2021.

I want to knock him out that’s my goal. Right now I don’t have any plan, but of course, I will have a plan when it comes closer to a show.”

If he’s not ready, I will punish him.”

When told that Eddie Hall vowed to “fold him in f-cking half,” Hafthor Bjornsson had some choice words in response.

“I hope you back it up. If you don’t you’re going to make yourself look like an asshole.”

You can see the full interview here.

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