Hafthor Bjornsson Provides Update Following Stem Cell Injections To Treat Pec Tear: “I’m Almost At A Full Range Of Motion”

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Hafthor Bjornsson provided his latest update following stem cell and PRP injections.

Hafthor Bjornsson suffered a torn pec back in April as he was preparing to make a comeback to Strongman. Just five months later, Bjornsson is “optimistic” with his progress during his latest update following stem cell and PRP injections.

Bjornsson, the 2018 World’s Strongest Man and 3x Arnold Strongman Classic champion, was planning a massive comeback to strength sports after his stint in boxing. Part of that comeback was to make an attempt to break Dan Bell’s all-time world record raw (with straps) total of 2,607 pounds. As he prepared, Bjornsson was training in powerlifting.

Bjornsson took to his YouTube page to share his latest update and his feeling on the overall process.

“Today is the day. I’m about to do my PRP injection and stem cells, super excited for the outcome. Obviously, it’s going to help me a lot with my recovery so yeah, let’s fuc**ng do it.”


Hafthor Bjornsson: “Movement Is Good”

Hafthor Bjornsson began by discussing his feeling on the treatments and feels good.

“Movement is good. You know, I’m almost at, I’d say, a full range of motion. When I’m here, I can feel a stretch obviously but it feels great. I’m very optimistic.”

Hafthor Bjornsson asked the doctor about seeing it work or making an impact. The doctor claims that there will be “nothing for a month” but the collagen production ramps up between the second and third month.

“When you surgically operate on something and your body repairs to that, your body tends to form Type 3 collagen, which is not very elastic scar tissue-type collagen. What we’re going to do today is take that bone marrow and that platelet-rich plasma, mix it together…About a whole six months is the whole time frame with the most rapid improvements occurring in the second and third month.”

Bjornsson ended his video by visiting the Transcend HRT clinic, where he was able to enjoy many of its amenities.

“Today, I’m going to be doing the hyperbaric chamber. As you guys know, I love that and I do it when I can. We’re going to do the infrared sauna. We’re going to do cryotherapy and we might do something else. We’ll see what they have available for me today. I might do red light therapy as well, if it’s open.”

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