Dorian Yates Gives Stem Cell Treatment Update: Hip Mobility Improved by 40 Percent

Dorian Yates is improving greatly after stem cell treatments.

Six-time Olympia champion Dorian Yates recently gave an update on his stem cell treatment and has confirmed a 40% improvement in his hip mobility. Yates is looking to turn back the clock on the injuries he suffered throughout his bodybuilding career. It appears that stem cells may be the cure for what ails him.

Injuries have to be the absolute worst. It can completely derail an athlete’s career, but in general, it can completely change a person’s entire life. Ask anyone who has suffered an ACL tear and they will tell you that their lives were completely changed by the injury. But if you are professional athlete injuries, come with the territory. No one comes out completely unscathed. That holds true even for the best of the best. Enter Dorian Yates.

One of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, Dorian Yates dominated the competition during his reign in the 90s. A six-time Olympia champion, Yates had always pushed his body to the physical limit. The drive and determination, to become the number one bodybuilder in the world, pushing himself to a point very few humans could or would…

And he paid the price for it.

Despite finding yoga and changing much of his training after retirement, Dorian Yates still has lingering injuries from his bodybuilding career. Determined to heal from these debilitating injuries, Yates has opted to utilize stem cell treatments. Having done a procedure three months ago to repair multiple parts of his body, Yates is reporting that his hip, the most problematic area he hopes to fix, he’s doing far better after the treatments.

Stem Cell Treatment Godsend

In a recent Instagram post, Dorian Yates gave an update on his current condition. From the sounds of things stem cell treatments could be just what the doctor ordered in order to heal grievous injuries.

“Just done a little cardio workout. A mobility workout for my shoulders and hips. The point of this post is to update everyone on my post-stem cell treatment that I had with Bioexcellerator in Colombia. In one month, I estimated that my hip pain discomfort, and lack of mobility had improved by about 20%. Now we’re at the three-month mark, I would say that’s around 40% improvement.

“The main goal, I had some in my shoulders, elbows, and knees, but the main thing for me was the hip – and it’s definitely improved. The point was to be able to have more pain-free movement and to avoid surgery.”


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It appears that stem cell treatments are something that everyone dealing with a major injury should investigate. If it only took three months for Dorian Yates to recover his hip mobility by 40%, then imagine what could happen if he continues the treatments over the next year or two. He could potentially turn back the clock completely, which is an exciting prospect for just about anyone.

How Do You Increase Stem Cells? 

When it comes to increasing your body’s stem cell production, of course resistance training is one way to start up that since it activates your satellite cells. However, another approach is to go through actual stem cell therapy, which means you would be injecting a needle with stem cells into your injured muscle or the muscle group you want to strengthen and build muscle mass. But what do you do if you would want a less invasive approach? An option that is less expensive and comes with less risk.

A 2022 study supports the use of dietary supplements to enhance muscle cell activation (2). 

MuscleMeds Stemtropin 

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MuscleMeds Stemtropin is the first natural dietary supplement that increases stem cell and GH production. A 72% increase in GH and a 20% increase in stem cells is a pretty drastic increase, so it should provide you with all the benefits GH and stem cells offer, including increased strength and muscle growth, muscle regeneration, and fighting age-related diseases.

A premium natural dietary stem cell and human growth hormone (HGH) booster like MuscleMeds Stemtropin is our supplement of choice. 

Stemtropin from MuscleMeds increases stem cell production by up to 20% and HGH production by up to 72%, which helps to really skyrocket muscle growth. Stemtropin also helps with muscle regeneration and protects against age-related muscular atrophy. The natural ingredients in this product that make this possible are:

  • Sea Buckthorn 500 mg
  • Safed Musli 500 mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens 375mg
  • Melatonin 5 mg

Stemtropin works to boost your stem cells and promote overall well-being. This innovative dietary supplement contains the natural herb buckthorn, which is known for its 20% increase in stem cell activity. In addition, to buckthorn, you’ll get Safed Musli, which may help reduce swelling, and tropical legume Mucuna Pruriens, which cam help to also improve testosterone levels too. It also has melatonin: an antioxidant powerhouse with powerful properties to shield muscles from intense exercise-induced oxidative stress

Final Word

Stem cell therapy is an excellent option for athletes and lifters looking to get stronger and add muscle to their frames, and improve their overall recovery. This is all possible by injecting your stem cells or another patient stem cells into the injured muscle or the muscle group you want to strengthen, Dorian Yates is a prime example of someone benefitting from stem cell therapy.

Of course, even with the use of stem cells, you’ll still need to utilize a proper diet and training regimen — and the more you diet and the harder you train, the better results you’ll get with stem cell therapy. But as long as you’re already working out and eating healthy, stem cell therapy will improve your physique and recovery. 

Stem cell therapy is quite pricey and comes with its risks, unfortunately. This is why we recommend a natural dietary product with the same benefits, and MuscleMeds Stemtropin is a great option for that.

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