Name: Dorian Yates

Nickname: The Shadow, The Beast of Britain

Birth date: 4/19/1962

Height: 5’10”

Competition Weight: 240-290 lbs

1997 Mr. Olympia1st
1996 English Grand Prix1st
1996 German Grand Prix1st
1996 Spanish Grand Prix1st
1996 Mr. Olympia1st
1995 Mr. Olympia1st
1994 English Grand Prix1st
1994 German Grand Prix1st
1994 Spanish Grand Prix1st
1994 Mr. Olympia1st
1993 Mr. Olympia1st
1992 English Grand Prix1st
1992 Mr. Olympia1st
1991 English Grand Prix1st
1991 Mr. Olympia2nd
1991 Night of Champions1st
1990 Night of Champions2nd
1988 UKBFF British Championships1st
1986 UKBFF British Championships1st
1985 World Games - London7th


Dorian Yates is an IFBB-certified pro bodybuilder from the UK. He was born in Walmley, England but spent his childhood in Staffordshire and later relocated to Manchester in his teens. He has won the Mr. Olympia title six times.

Yates had a troubled childhood and was sentenced to 6 months in a youth detention center during the early 1980s. He began training seriously in 1983 and made his pro debut at the IFBB 1990 Night of Champions. He was forced to prematurely retire from bodybuilding in 1997 due to a succession of injuries. However, he famously won 1997 Mr. Olympia despite competing with two torn biceps and a torn tricep.

Currently, Yates owns four Temple Gyms in the UK and sells a line of athletic apparel and books in the US under the brand name Heavy Duty. He also sells his own line of supplements. In 2015, he produced a documentary based on his life and experiences on the professional bodybuilding circuit, All I Know is Pain.

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