Dorian Yates Training Journal E-Book Review

Read this six-time Olympia winner’s actual notes and prepare to take on the Blood & Guts training style for insane growth and huge results.

Product Overview

If you are an aspiring bodybuilder, or just simply a fan of the sport, you’ve heard his name before. Dorian Yates. Considered one of the greatest bodybuilders of the modern era, Yates revolutionized the sport of bodybuilding with his unique style of training known as Blood & Guts and his undeniably incredible physique, earning him the title of “mass monster”. Lucky for us, he chronicled his career and training in his journals that are now published for all of us to see.

Keeping a training journal is something many athletes are taught for it not only helps keeps us on track as we increase weight and work to enhance our goals, but also provides us somewhat of a time capsule of our training, allowing us to see the progress we’ve worked so hard to see. A great training guide, this journal serves as a perfect example of just how hard we must work and how detailed we must be in order to see the results we want both in training and in our performance.

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About Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates is considered to be one of the greatest bodybuilders in modern history. Known as “The Shadow”, he holds six consecutive Mr. Olympia titles. A troubled kid in England, he found his strength in a youth detention center and after watching Lee Haney and other bodybuilding legends, Yates began a journey not even he could have foreseen. From 1992-1997, Yates would win every contest he entered. With six Mr. Olympia wins, he is tied for fifth overall putting him alongside some of our favorite legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, and Phil Heath.

Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates Training Journal E-Book Highlights

This training journal from Dorian Yates describes in rigorous and great detail his training throughout his entire bodybuilding career. The pages are Yates’ own words and actual writing as he trained to become one of the greatest bodybuilders in the modern era. This is the first time ever that Yates’ journal has been published and details select passages over the course of five years, from 1985 to 1990.

A true testament to detail, this E-book shows aspiring bodybuilders how to take effective notes to maximize your training, stay on top of your workouts and nutrition to continue seeing great progress, and how to set goals for yourself so they appear in writing so no excuses can be made.

Blood & Guts Style Training

Dorian Yates is considered to be one of the first “mass monsters” and his massive physique proved that time and time again. He adopted a style of training that has revolutionized the sport of bodybuilding known as Blood & Guts. What this training did was combine a high-intensity style of bodybuilding training with mass amounts of weight and sought to seek the maximum amount of muscle stimulation in the shortest amount of time.

Through looking at three different phases, Yates focused on lifting, holding, and lowering, all essential in their own unique way. By doing this, he pushed his limits of what others thought possible and was able to achieve maximum intensity with 100% failure. The results were massive growth, an absolutely shredded physique, and six Olympia wins.

Price & Effectiveness

Dorian Yates Training Journal E-Book is an awesome guide for those serious about bodybuilding or changing their physique around from learning from the best. Yates kept his notes detailed and covers everything from workouts, nutrition, and helpful tips and shows what setting goals for yourself can do. It is available on many platforms including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play, and is coming soon to Nook.

Pros: Great for those serious about training who want to learn from the best. Amazing insight into his training methods, as well as diet and other important notes. Detailed for workouts, nutrition, helpful tips, and is a great guide for how to set goals for yourself.

Cons: There is no key to understand some of the notes and some compatibility and formatting issues may hurt the experience.

Price: $29.99

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Overall Value

Dorian Yates Training Journal E-Book is a great guide for aspiring bodybuilders seeking information from one of the greatest bodybuilders in the modern era. Through strict note-taking and attention to detail, Dorian Yates outlines his progress, both successes and failures, and chronicles his entire journey and bodybuilding career. A amazing journal from Yates’ own words, it shows just how painstaking it can be to become one of the best in the world. With workouts, nutrition, and helpful tips, it shows how keep tracking of your progress can enhance your goals and make sure you stay on track so you see the results you want. Check out Dorian Yates Training Journal E-Book today and see what this can do for your own bodybuilding goals.

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