Hafthor Bjornsson Has Lost a Significant Amount of Weight in Boxing Prep

Hafthor Bjornsson has transformed his physique into boxing shape.

To enter the squared circle is no simple feat. Many people out there think boxing or combat sports is simply learning how to punch and defend from punches. That theory couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

Yes, in order to compete in a boxing match, punching and defense are both paramount. You may even say that’s the point of the whole endeavor in the first place. But to be prepared to fight a rival, potentially for a number of rounds, requires impeccable cardio, will and determination. In order to the perform your best in the ring it requires an individual to break themselves in training.

This is the kind of mindset you can find in most any competitive endeavor. Sometimes it’s all about who wants the win more.

Clearly Hafthor Bjornsson has embraced this mindset.

In order to prepare for his battle with rival Eddie Hall, Hafthor Bjornsson has left no stone unturned. He has devoted himself to his training and it clearly shows. The hulking strongman known as “The Mountain” has transformed himself in his preparation. While he still has plenty of muscle on his frame, Bjornsson looks significantly smaller.

In a recent Instagram post you can see just how much smaller Hafthor Bjornsson has become.


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This change in physique was a much needed one. If Hafthor Bjornsson hopes to get into top boxing condition it will require shedding the excess muscle in order to have better cardio and movement while in the ring. Eddie Hall will have be prepared because it’s clear that Hafthor Bjornsson isn’t playing around.

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