Johnnie O. Jackson shares his tips for motivation tactics that helped him train hardcore and become one of the strongest modern bodybuilders alive.

Johnnie O. Jackson is a bodybuilder who is put on a short list of some truly exceptional athletes. Alongside the likes of Branch Warren and Ronnie Coleman, Jackson is considered to be one of the most hardcore training bodybuilders alive. He’s also been dubbed the strongest modern bodybuilder. While strength and endurance are key factors in being able to train heavy and hardcore – the absolute most important factor is being able to have the motivation to continually train intensely every single day. In our latest episode of Hardcore Truth, Johnnie O. Jackson details how he stays motivated to train like a hardcore beast.

Whether you want to train hardcore like Johnnie O. Jackson or simply want to build a mass monster physique like many pros in the sport – motivation is one of the biggest dividing lines between greatness and the average person. It’s true when they say anyone can be a bodybuilder. Just look at the “before” pics of Kevin Levrone and how skinny he was before becoming a pro bodybuilder. Yes, genetics play a huge part but motivation is key to bring your physique to levels you might not have thought possible. As Kai Greene often says, “Thoughts become things.”

That’s why Johnnie O. Jackson is sharing tips on how to stay motivated as you push forward with your bodybuilding journey. It can be easy to fall into a rut or become discouraged – whether you are a competitive athlete or just trying to reach personal physique goals. But motivation can be trained just like any muscle. It may come more natural to some than others – but if you follow these tips it will soon become a part of your mental focus and determination in the long run.

The first tip that Johnnie O. Jackson shares is to write down the key factors that motivate you when you are currently feeling motivated. It can be easy to become discouraged during a rough patch. However, if you had written down those elated moments of motivation – you can look back at them and remind yourself how empowering it feels when everything is going right. This has been a consistent and huge tactic that Jackson employed throughout his career and still uses to this day.

Johnnie O. Jackson also points out that the people you surround yourself with can provide constant motivation. Don’t surround yourself by those who make you feel lazy or discourage you or often see things negatively. Jackson’s life took a huge turn when he met Branch Warren and they became training partners. They motivated each other and pushed each other with each workout. It’s a huge part as to why Jackson is the kind of bodybuilder he is today.

Of course, money can be a big motivating factor as well. Johnnie O. Jackson isn’t blind to this. He describes the first time he won a show and earned a $10k check. To finally receive money for his accomplishments was a big motivational push. This isn’t something you can necessarily control – but should be considered and give you more motivation to try and win your next competition.

Lastly, Johnnie O. Jackson touches upon at factor that many don’t often discuss. How do you stay motivated after retirement from the sport? Jackson admits that growing older makes for new training challenges. And without a competition to work towards it can be easy to lose motivation. In today’s world of social media – bodybuilders can build platforms to help inspire younger athletes who are aspiring to become champions. This has been a huge motivating factor for Jackson. He needs to look the part to continue to inspire a new generation.

He thinks that media outlets such as Generation Iron and others with podcast platforms, original digital shows, and editorials allow for bodybuilders like Johnnie O. Jackson to stay motivated and reach even more people.

You can watch Johnnie O. Jackson go into full detail on how to get motivated to train hardcore in our latest episode of Hardcore Truth above!

Derek Dufour
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