Put your muscles through hell.

We’ve covered a lot of different training methods, all of them hardcore in their own right. The Hell Raiser Training program sounds like it could¬†be one of the most brutal workout plans out there. If you haven’t heard of Hell Raiser Training then listen up. It’s a twelve week program meant to give you some massive muscle gains by putting you through some sweet,¬†sweet torture.

The Gist

Invented by Tom Fuller, the idea behind the whole program is to push your muscles past their limits by performing a hell-centric rep. Yeah we know, you’re probably saying what the hell is a “hell-centric” rep. We’ll get to that in a moment. To begin with, you have to start by finding out what 80% of your 1 rep max weight is. For example, if you normally max out with a 70 lb one rep curl – then you have to find 80% of that weight. You then perform curls with that 80% max weight (in this case 56 lbs) for 8 reps. This is when things begin to get interesting. After your regular reps you perform four additional reps. So what makes those extra 4 so special? Well, your training partner offers resistance by pulling down the weight you lift. You then slowly descend while your partner keeps light pressure for about five seconds.

The idea is to put your already burning muscles through that extra bit of torture. Fuller emphasizes that during the resistance phase that it is essential to allow for a steady descent on the way down. This way you’ll get the added burn. Once you’ve gotten through the first twelve weeks of training, Fuller suggests that you switch things up and perform the training every other week, incorporating different techniques in the interim for variety.

If you got lost along the way, don’t worry. Let’s skip the talk and get down to some of the workouts you should be doing for this killer program. Check it out on the next page!



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