How These Hinge Exercises Can Boost Hip Strength

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These hinge exercises can really beef up your workout routine.

For many of us, we often times focus on our larger muscles groups but we tend to neglect great workouts involving things like hinge exercises. While working those larger muscle groups is what we need to do to boost our aesthetic, it should be said that working those smaller groups and often overlooked ones is more than vital when it comes to boosting our overall training and performance goals. Our physique is important, but so too should be our overall physical health and wellness.

Hinge exercises can work a number of different muscle groups including mainly those lower body ones. Working to build increased stability and balance, working these muscles can allow us to stay more grounded during those big lifts and any sport specific movements we embark on. Taking the time to focus on these hinge exercises now will only pay off in the long run and that is exactly what we need to succeed.

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Benefits Of Strong Hips

The benefits of strong hips and strengthening those hip flexors allows you to perform more solid movements for whatever your respective sport may be. For power output and speed, you will have more engagement and a stronger force behind you. Building up that strength and stability will allow you maintain better form and be more grounded during lifts like the squat or deadlift and you will work to prevent injury to keep you grinding in the gym for longer (1).

Benefits Of Hinge Exercises

By performing hinge exercises, you really work to build that vital strength. Benefits of hinge exercises include:

  • Stronger hips: Build that strength for a more stable and grounded performance (2).
  • Improved hip mobility: Work for better movement when it comes to things like turning, pivoting, and of course, less pain.
  • Less pain and risk of injury: With stronger and more flexible hips, you reduce the risk of injuring yourself and keep you in the gym for longer.
  • Better balance and posture: Promote better lifts and confidence.

Great Hinge Exercises To Perform

Kettlebell Good Mornings

A great exercise for beginners, these are done standing up and can be performed with whatever amount of weight you desire. This can be done as a warm-up or exercise, depending on your intended goals with the exercise.

With your knees slightly bent, hold the kettlebell with both hands around your back so it rests down the base of your neck. With an engaged core, hinge at the hips and slowly return to the starting position.

Single Arm Deadlift With Kettlebells

This a great fundamental exercise and will work your hips as well as your hamstrings. It is best to start light while you nail down form and is great for training away any muscle imbalances.

Hold the weight with one arm and stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. Tighten your core and keep a neutral spine as you bend to the ground. With a controlled movement, return to the starting position and repeat for your desired number of reps.

Barbell Hip Thrust

This loaded exercise will increase strength while also boosting stability (3).

Choose an elevated surface with your back against it and a barbell resting in your lap. Drive through your feet, hinging at the hips and lifting the weight up towards the sky. Squeeze your glutes at the top and return to the starting position. Repeat for your desired number of reps.

Glute Bridge

Used as a stretch or exercise, the glute bridge can be done with or without weight. It works to activate the glutes while also working on hip strength and mobility (4).

Lying flat on the floor, have your feet around shoulder width apart and bend your knees. Engage your core and work to drive your hips up through your feet, really pushing upwards. Squeeze your glutes at the top and gently lower back down. Repeat for your desired amount of reps.

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Wrap Up

Hinge exercises are great to mix into your routine for what they can do for your hips. By working on building strength, mobility, and balance, all areas of your lifts and performance will amplify and you will see better results. Give these a try and see what they can do for all of your hip strengthening and workout needs because you won’t be disappointed with the results.

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