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Hit the muscles like never before with the best kettlebells on the market

When it comes to your time in the gym, chances are that you focus mainly on barbell or dumbbell movements, and probably some machines and cable movements as well. But, do you have kettlebells at your gym as part of your routine? If not, you may be missing out. Kettlebells can provide a great mobile workout, and when it comes to building a home gym, are great pieces of equipment to put in there, as they don’t take up too much space. When it comes to finding the best kettlebells to purchase, take a look at IronBull Strength Kettlebells. 

Considering the competition, IronBull Strength Kettlebells provide a wide range of pros to consider. Let’s dive into some key takeaways, why they are beneficial, and why the IronBull Strength Kettlebells could very well be the best options to stock up with.

Main Takeaways

  • Powder coated
  • Good weights
  • Reputable brand

What Are Kettlebells?

ironbull kettlebells
Ironbull Kettlebells Tested at Generation Iron

A kettlebell is technically a type of dumbbell (though it does not look like your standard dumbbell) or free weight that is round with a flat base and a handle on the top of it. To put it simply, one of these pieces of equipment will often look like a cannonball with a handle, or a teapot without the spout, hence the name “kettlebell” in English. Typically, you can find these pieces of equipment being made out of steel or some sort of cast iron.

Compared to a dumbbell, a kettlebell’s center of mass extends beyond the hand, whereas the dumbbell’s center of mass is right in the palm of your hand. Kettlebells can open you up to new exercises, as they can be swung, thrown, juggled, pressed, held, moved and manipulated in hundreds of ways (yes we said that they can be juggled). A large benefit of kettlebells is that they are small and portable and can be incorporated into all aspects of athletic and fitness training, making them a great option for placing in your home gym.

Benefits of Kettlebells 

Kettlebells bring a variety of benefits to the table, as they can be used for all different goals. These pieces of equipment can be used as a highly efficient way to lose weight through high repetition workouts, build muscle mass, increase your cardio-vascular fitness and strength and maintain joint health, mobility and flexibility. There are so many exercises that you can do with them.

What to Look for

You do not want cheaply constructed gym equipment, whether it is equipment such as barbells or things that you keep in your gym bag. That being said, you do not want kettlebells that will fall apart or rust, especially if they are being put in your home gym. You want durability and comfort.

IronBull Strength Powder Coat Kettlebells

Looking for a quality kettlebells to stock up on? Check out Iron Bull Strength Kettlebells and take your workouts to new heights.

Enter, IronBull Strength Powder Coat Kettlebells. These pieces of equipment are constructed with a unique bell shape and thick handle, and these premium kettlebells will bring a new challenge to your training routines

The IronBull Strength Powder Coat Kettlebells are perfectly crafted from durable cast iron with a powder coating finish, these weights will withstand even the most intense workouts without falling apart. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting the weights confused at all, as the color rings and weight marks allow you to easily identify the weight of each kettle in LBS and KGS.


IronBull Strength Powder Coat Kettlebells come in the following weights: 

  • 4kg or 9lbs
  • 6kg or 13lbs
  • 8kg or 18lbs 
  • 12kg or 26lbs
  • 16kg or 35lbs
  • 20kg or 44lbs
  • 24kg or 53lbs
  • 28kg or 62lbs
  • 32kg or 70lbs

While there are a variety of different weights that are available with the IronBull Strength Powder Coat Kettlebells, it may not be enough. Now chances are you won’t be doing anything with 200lb kettlebells, but 70lbs might not be enough for you. The increments also may be a bit awkward for you, as dumbbells typically go up by 5lbs at a time, these go up in different increments, which can throw off your plans to incorporate progressive overload.

IronBull Strength Kettlebell Highlights

  • Quality material: Powder coated for comfort
  • Good weight variety: You can get IronBull Strength Kettlebells in weights ranging from 9lbs all the way up to 70lbs
  • Reputable brand: IronBull Strength is a brand that is known for crafting some great weightlifting equipment, such as belts, high quality knee sleeves, and awesome elbow sleeves.


Each IronBull Strength Powder Coat Kettlebell will vary in price, so for example a 9lb kettlebell will cost $30, but then a 70lb kettlebell will cost $125. So, it is best to truly choose wisely on which ones you want.

While these are some great quality products, it can be quick to max out your funds when trying to build a home gym. 

Pros and Cons of IronBull Strength Powder Coat Kettlebells

There are a few things to assess when it comes to these pieces of equipment, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Quality material
  • Reputable brand
  • Can enhance your workouts


  • Premium Priced Option
  • May not have the weights that you want

Our Verdict on IronBull Strength Powder Coat Kettlebells

iron bull strength
Ironbull Kettlebells Tried & Tested at Generation Iron

No Generation Iron review is complete without our personal input, and we had the chance to personally test out the IronBull Strength Powder Coat Kettlebells. We have a few things to say regarding these pieces of equipment. For starters, we absolutely love the quality of these kettlebells. Too often do you find these pieces of equipment chipping and rubbing off on your hands, which can be pretty annoying. However, IronBull made it so that does not happen with these.

Another thing that we love is the color coded options. When these pieces of equipment are all stacked up on your rack, there is no way you can get confused, as the weights are pretty much labeled. So when you are in the middle of an intense workout and going to do a drop set or quick circuit where you are reaching for a set of kettlebells quickly, the IronBull Strength Powder Coat Kettlebells are right there and you know which ones that you’re grabbing.

When it comes to downsides, the only thing that we really can say is that they are a bit expensive, but they are quality so that is the price you pay. Also, the weight increments are a bit odd, but that just takes some getting used to.

IronBull Strength vs. Ketllebell Kings vs. Onnit

See how IronBull Strength Kettlebells stack up against other leading brands, such as Onnit Kettlebells and Kettlebell Kings

IronBull Strength comes in at a good price range, and weight compared to the other two brands.

Material  Price Weights Dimensions Warranty
IronBull Strength Cast Iron w/ Powder Coat $30.00 up to $125.00 Up to 70 lbs Varies on Weight Lifetime
Kettlebell Kings Cast Iron w/ Powder Coat $69.99 up to $400.00 Up to 90lbs Varies on Weight Lifetime
Onnit Cast Iron w/ Powder Coat $22.95 up to $114.95 Up to 70lbs Varies on Weight None

IronBull Strength Company Information

IronBull Strength is a brand that has built a community of individuals passionate for fitness, and the IronBull Strength Kettlebells are a great choice. They have had plenty of experience in the industry, and have crafted quality and durable pieces of lifting equipment to take your workouts to the next level. Their slogan, “Unleash the Beast,” encapsulates the belief in unleashing the untapped potential within each and every one of us.

Places to Buy

You can find IronBull Strength products right on their site, on Amazon, but better yet, just go right through the links on our site!


How much are IronBull Kettlebells?

IronBull Kettlebells can range from $30.00 up to $125.00 depending on the weight that you get.

What workouts can I do with the IronBull Strength Powder Coat Kettlebells?

The best part about using a kettlebell is that you can perform a as many exercises as you want, hitting every single muscle that there is. For example, you can perform some goblet squats, kettlebell rows, work in some kettlebell snatches, or some chest exercises. The possibilities are endless.

Do the IronBull Strength Powder Coat Kettlebells work well with chalk?

Yes, we have found that these kettlebells work well with the utilization of chalk.

Wrap Up

Overall, kettlebells are very versatile pieces of equipment that can elevate your workouts, and can truly complete your home gym. When it comes to choosing what kettlebells to grab, IronBull Strength Powder Coat Kettlebells stand out with some quality options. 

Will you be giving these a try?

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