3 Tips On How To Eat Carbs For The Best Gains

Get your carb game up to snuff.

It seems like these days that every nutrition guru these days are imploring people to avoid eating carbs if they want to get the best gains. It’s a notion that may hold some water, but only for those looking to get off a ton of body fat. But for hardgainers, restricting carbs is a surefire way to see minimal gains. Carbs aren’t the enemy, but they can be if you’re doing things the wrong way. If you want to bulk up and get some considerable, quality muscle, then you’re going to want to consume carbs. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when consuming carbs during a bulk.

1. Eat Carbs Around Training Time

The best way to consume your carbs is around the time that you’ll be doing your training. By timing your carb consumption this way you can ensure that you’ll have the energy to train hard while you’re at the gym. But you shouldn’t only eat carbs before your training but directly after as well. Since your blood sugar levels drop after a hard training session, eating carbs directly after your workout will spike your insulin levels and put you into an anabolic state for muscle growth rather than a catabolic state that will consume your muscle fibers.

2. Stick To Complex Carbs

Rather than eating a ton of breads and sugary carbs, the complex alternative should be your ideal source of carbohydrates. Oatmeal and brown rice are two examples of slow burning complex carbs that will give you sufficient energy throughout your training. While fruits are healthy, over consumption of sugary fruits could end up keeping and producing fat around the midsection, so limit the intake.

3. Consume Carbs With Protein

Another great tip to follow is consuming carbs and proteins at the same time. Eating brown rice with vegetables and a protein like chicken is an ideal meal for a bodybuilder and will promote both higher energy levels as well as muscle growth and maintenance. A nice rule of thumb to stick by is to avoid fats that combine fat and carbs as this will actually help to put more weight on you seeing as these types of foods are more calorie dense. Beans are also a great option as they combine slow burning carbs, fiber, and protein all in one.

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