How To Eat More Protein

Here is a way to add some more protein into your diet!

Every parent has favorites growing up. I was the favorite growing up between my sister and I, that is until I got more rebellious with age. She quickly became the favorite as we progressed into adulthood.

But anyways, people should play favorites with macros too. By and large, your favorite macronutrient should be protein. Nobody ever says, “Aww man, my physique is trash cause I don’t consume enough carbs, fat, and alcohol.”

I’d see Jesus come back before I actually hear that be a common saying. Instead, the common issue is that people don’t eat enough protein. Protein sources should be prioritized and treated like the favorite child.

For fat loss, protein keeps you full, reduces cravings, and retains all your succulent cuts of muscle. Paired with strength training, protein is the literal building blocks to grow your muscles as well. Strong backs and thick glutes, and mouth watering bodies don’t happen without protein. It’s no surprise protein is the most expensive macronutrient as well.

This is why coaches yap about protein endlessly. It potentially can be the very thing preventing you from reaching your goals. Just as a reminder, most people will need to chow down 0.8 grams per pound of bodyweight of protein daily forever.

That’s not a massive number, but I get that it’s still quite difficult for many people to get that much in. Here are 4 tips in how to get more protein in.


1 – Buy It

Ok, this is super obvious, but after years of experience, the average person doesn’t realize they need to be told to buy protein.

People will look up tips on how to eat more protein, log off their computer, and then go on about their merry day having no protein to eat. People who got their protein nailed consistently have chicken breast (fresh and frozen), protein powder, deli meat, Greek yogurt, and cartons of both eggs and egg whites all over their kitchen.

Take a look at your kitchen and fridge. If you don’t have protein sources there, you need an intentional trip to the grocery store where you’re buying fewer bags of chips and frozen pizzas and grabbing more protein sources.

You can’t eat more protein if you don’t own any protein, so start here my friend.


2 – Utilize Shakes

Other common barriers to not consuming enough protein is a lack of time, convenience, and appetite.

These are valid gripes cause nobody has any time nowadays and I get not being able eat a bunch of protein because it’s quite satiating. However, you know what solves all of this?

Meal Replacement shakes. In fact, protein powder is human engineering to the finest. Like, I don’t think many people realize how much they take protein powder for granted. It’s powdered protein distilled down into a convenient nutritious source with a long shelf life.

Before protein powder was a thing, if you wanted to get jacked, you had to cook and eat all of your protein. Cavemen had to hunt and eat their protein on the spot.

So if you want an awesome and convenient source of protein that’s easier to digest than chicken breast all day, look to shakes. You can also get protein powder from any source you want whether it’s dairy, egg white, or even vegan sources.

Lastly, you can have as many shakes as you desire and they don’t have to be solely after your workout. That’s a huge myth.

Egg Whites

3 – Center Your Meals Around Protein

I like to tell clients to always center their meals around protein. A meal without protein is not a complete meal ever. Tattoo that into your brain. It sounds meatheady, but I promise you need to grasp this concept.

Every meal you consume should start with protein. It’s ok if some meals don’t have much starch, fat, or even fiber. But it’s not ok for a meal to not include protein. Protein is the king and the king always makes the appearance.

This is especially true if you’re a heavier individual. Bigger individuals will have higher protein targets. You’re simply not reaching 120 grams of protein unless you have a significant source at every meal. Think lean animal sources, lean dairy, seafood, or some sort of egg/egg white.

Just as a reminder, protein powder can count too. Your meal could be as simple as a protein shake with some carrots on the side. I’d happily applaud a client for putting together a meal like that.


4 – Frontload Your Protein

A common thing I hear about people not hitting their protein is that they’ve reached the end of the day and have so much protein they still need to hit. I get it. It can be overwhelming when you’re staring at 90 more grams of protein to hit and it’s already 8:30 pm.

The trick here is to frontload your protein. This is a fancy word which means to consume most of your protein in the earlier parts of your day. The concept behind frontloading comes from the realm of productivity. Generally speaking, you’ll be more productive and have less long-term stress if you can get something difficult out of the way early in the week or early in your schedule.

Same with protein. If you can consume over half of your protein target in your first meal or before you get home from work, you’re set up to hit your protein target stress free for the day.

This could mean adding an extra scoop or 2 of protein powder in your morning shake, oatmeal, or Greek yogurt.

If that’s too difficult, try to have some extra protein at lunch as well. All that matters is that you enter dinner with as little amount of protein left to consume. It’ll also give you more flexibility at your most social meal as well instead of having to cook up or order 3 chicken breasts.

No More Excuses About Protein

I know you work hard in the gym and the last thing you want is to not make the most of that hard work. All the sacrifice, hustle, and endurance of pain in the gym damages your muscle fibers and stimulates muscle growth. For your muscles to repair and grow for future progress you can show off, you need to feed your body protein.

Don’t let your gym efforts go to waste by moaning about how you can’t get enough protein.

And yes, I get life is hard and not everything comes as easy to everybody. I also get that carbs and fat are tastier. It’s easier to sniff down a grilled cheese sandwich than a protein shake, but consuming enough protein is a pivotal bang for your buck habit that anyone can do.

Hardcore lifters and stay at home moms need protein.

Learn to eat enough and be intentional about it. If you plan ahead, stock up your fridge with it, and center your meals around protein, there should be no excuse to not get enough protein. Use these tips to make it happen.

Calvin Huynh
Calvin Huynh is a trainer, online coach, writer, and joyful ruler behind His content has reached various top sites and he has worked with a variety of clients ranging from top CEOs, hardcore lifters, everyday desk workers, and stay at home moms. When he’s not working, he spends his time going to church, dreaming of unicorns, and eating whole pints of ice cream on a comfortable couch somewhere in Southern California.