Iain Valliere Discusses Retirement Plans, Claims He Won’t Go Back To Training Chris Bumstead: “He’s Getting The Best In The World”

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Iain Valliere answered many questions sent to him including training in retirement and plans to judge contests.

Iain Valliere announced his retirement from competitive bodybuilding just 12 days ago and recently answered some questions from fans about this decision. During a recent Q&A session on YouTube, Valliere discussed different topics ranging from his plans moving forward to his training Chris Bumstead.

Valliere spent time training Bumstead, who has won four consecutive Classic Physique Olympia titles. Last summer, he shared that he would no longer be training Bumstead as he moved to Hany Rambod.

“I think Hany is one of the best coaches ever. Not just currently, I mean of all-time in the sport of bodybuilding. He has the accolades to support it and I’ve seen his work firsthand with Chris. Chris was absolutely the best he’s ever been last year. Sure, I won three Olympias with Chris and Chris is a very genetically gifted human and I didn’t know his body well.”


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Valliere continued to discuss how he helped Bumstead put together some insane physiques but his 2022 version was insane.

“Chris was like dry as a bone, full as a house. You really could not have peaked him a whole lot better than he was peaked last year and that was 100% Hany. I don’t see why he would go back to me because he’s getting the best coaching in the world. I’d like to be there more as a fan and as a supporter, and just as his brother.”

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Iain Valliere Talks Training In Retirement & Judging Plans

The size that Men’s Open bodybuilders have to keep on is immense and what makes the sport growing further. Now that Iain Valliere has retired from competition, he plans to downsize and focus on functional strength training.

“I have been doing lower rep work but definitely nothing close to my one-rep Mac. Just because I’m trying to steer away from work that’s very hypertrophy-based…I’m eating when I feel hungry. I’m eating when my body feels like it needs fuel. I’m definitely obviously trying to eat very healthy as part of this process and part of my goal was to improve my athletic performance.”


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Finally, Valliere explained some of his future plans and that includes becoming a judge. He plans to test-judge moving forward as well.

“Yes, I would definitely be a judge. I’m actually going to be test-judging at my first show in Ottawa at the end of October. I’m definitely going to pursue that for a little bit.”

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