In Memoriam: Larry Scott (1938 – 2014)

Larry Scott – known to his many fans as “The Legend” and “The Golden Boy” – first seized the world’s attention with his astonishing physique, but it was his charismatic personality and remarkable sportsmanship that made him a true star. The first bodybuilder to be crowned Mr. Olympia in 1965, Scott was an idol and a hero to athletes across all sports. He passed away this past Saturday, March 8, of complications from Alzheimer’s disease in his Utah home. He was 75 years old.

Born in Idaho in 1938, Larry Scott became captivated by bodybuilding at a young age. While walking through the Pocatello city dump, Scott picked up a bodybuilding magazine and was struck by what he saw on the pages inside. He began training, eventually entering professional competitions. In 1959, at the age of 20, he won the Mr. Idaho competition. After moving to California, he then won the Mr. California and Mr. Pacific Coast competitions.

From there, Scott began training at the national level, quickly claiming the title of Mr. Universe in 1963, and successfully defending his title in 1964. In 1965, after Joe Weider created the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition, Scott became the first bodybuilder to ever win the sport’s top prize. He returned the following year and won again, only to retire from the sport after his second Olympia title.

Larry Scott sculpted his body to perfection, setting the standard for the Olympia winners that followed his lead in the years after his retirement. Though his entire body was world-renowned, he was perhaps best known for his arms. His biceps measured an impressive 20 inches, and the Scott Curl exercise (also known as the Preacher Curl) was named for him after Scott claimed it played a crucial role in developing his biceps in his personal routine.

A brief return to the sport in the late 1970s did not yield any major titles for Scott, but he became a successful businessman, opening a lucrative supplement store and several gyms.

Though the man is no longer with us, “The Legend” of Larry Scott endures and continues to inspire a new generation of bodybuilders and athletes. We remember him today as model of athleticism and an inspiration to all who seek to achieve their dreams.



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