Insane Brawl Erupts at UK Gym in Essex

A crazy brawl at an Essex gym.

Besides the world premiere of Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster, there was another pretty eye opening occurrence that went down in Essex yesterday.

A massive brawl between gym patrons has hit the interwebs and is going viral. According to UK news outlet The Sun, multiple individuals were involved in a wild brawl at the Ab Salute Gym in Essex.

The Sun has gone on to report that, “A 17-year-old boy suffered bruising and cuts and a 27-year-old man suffered a cut above his eye.”

Video of the incident, captured by a gym patron, has made its way onto the internet and shows gym members violently attacking others with training equipment.

A spokesperson for Ab Salute Gym released a lengthy statement about the incident, denouncing the violence that occurred. The spokesperson also confirmed that the gym patrons involved in the violence have been banned for life.

“This was an isolated incident which has never happened in any of our five establishments in the ten years we have been open.

“We do not condone violence in any of our gyms and take this very seriously.

“The police are aware and appropriate action is being taken. The individuals concerned have been banned from our gyms for life.

“We do our very best to safeguard all members of the public and our staff across all gyms.

“We are deeply sorry to anyone who witnessed this incident or has been affected by it.”

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