Instagram Athlete Of The Week – Maxx Chewning

Instagram Athlete Of The Week – Maxx Chewning

Maxx Chewning is one of the most energetic and happening fitness athletes on Instagram. With the kind of energy Maxx has, following him on the gram and keeping up with him on his Instagram stories can feel exhaustive.

Chewning has 322K followers on Instagram and almost the same amount of subscribers on YouTube. Maxx started training at the age of 21 and has been addicted ever since he saw his body transform.

Keeping Up With Maxx Chewning

Maxx Chewning started as a YouTuber where he posted videos of himself breaking his PRs which earned him a ton of subscribers. The PR videos were soon accompanied by dieting videos, workout programs, and vlogs.

Chewning wasn’t a fan of fitness or lifting weights from the beginning. Wrestling was the only sport he enjoyed and regularly practiced. Things changed for Maxx when he entered college and his friends asked him to train with them in the gym.

Strong Like A Bull

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10 years later I pretty much look the same tbh

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Don’t make the mistake of judging Maxx by his frame, he can lift big weights for a guy of his size. Chewning regularly challenges his personal bests and even does lifting fundraisers to help the ones in need.

When Maxx started training, the increase in his muscle mass and strength made him curious and passionate about fitness. After a year of training, Chewning set a personal record by deadlifting 420lbs when he weighed 160lbs.

Getting Bigger and Better

Maxx says that chasing these numbers became addicting to him, and he decided to share his passion online. He started uploading videos of himself attempting PRs along with his entire training routine.

The viewers were addicted to Maxx’s videos like he was to hitting PRs. He soon went a step further and made his channel cover all aspects of fitness. His popularity has come to the point where he is a sponsored athlete and has launched multiple businesses.

Taking The Leap

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woof woof bark bark

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In some of his videos, Chewning recounts how he hated working a 9-5 job and felt that it was stopping him from pursuing his passion for fitness. Maxx started his YouTube channel while he was working on his job. He quit his full-time job as soon as his channel started getting traction.

Maxx turned from a fitness athlete to an entrepreneur when he opened his gym. He has since taken things to the next level by starting an athleisure brand, and a candy company – yes, a candy company.

Following Your Passion

Apart from benching, deadlifting and squatting big weights, Maxx is a fan of Jeep cars. You’ll regularly see him upgrading his car with accessories, and he does all the hard work that goes into beefing up a car – himself.

Follow Maxx on social media and you’ll be able to feel his passion and excitement for what he does. Chewning is an example of how following your passion with grit can lead you to success in life.

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