Instagram Athlete of the Week – Christian Guzman

Instagram Athlete of the Week – Christian Guzman

Chrisitan Guzman is one of the most successful internet fitness celebrities. Guzman is known for his authenticity and humble nature. Christian started a fitness YouTube channel in 2012 to document his fitness journey. While his channel wasn’t an overnight success, his detailed and genuine content has fetched him, 900k+ subscribers.

Thanks to his growing loyal following, Chrisitan launched and now successfully operates three business including an energy drink brand, an athleisure style fitness, and lifestyle clothing company and his own gym.

Christian Guzman – The Star Fitness YouTuber

If you have a question or doubt about fitness, chances are Christian has already made a video about it and answered all your queries. Guzman is open and honest about sharing his experiences, and tips with his fans.

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39 days 💪🏽

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Christian is a transformation expert who has successfully transformed his own physique many times over. His transformations are well documented on his YouTube channel where he shares what all goes into a successful transformation.

Aesthetics Over Everything

Christian has a well-chiseled physique with close-to-perfect symmetry and commendable conditioning. Looking at his photos can make you think about your own physique, and push you to work on it.

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WHY YOUR WEIGHT LOSS STOPPED To date, I’m still an advocate of tracking macros. While this isn’t a necessity for everyone, I believe this is the best method of approaching your diet if you want to get lean. When it comes to fat loss, you must be in a caloric deficit. If you aren’t tracking, you might be eating more than you realize, so today let’s talk about how to set up your macros. Despite the different methods of calculating that exist today, I’ve used the same one for years. It’s simple and effective, so grab a pen and paper and let’s dive in. 1) Find your maintenance calories by multiplying body weight by 14-16. The more active you are, the higher on the scale of 14-16 you can go. 2) Create your deficit by subtracting calories. Start with as little as 250, or as high as 500. 3) Find your protein intake by multiplying body weight by as little as 0.75, or as high as 1.25, depending on body composition. The higher body fat percentage you have, the less protein you need. (For the majority of people, I find one gram of protein per pound of body weight is sufficient). 4) Find your dietary fat intake by multiplying body weight by as little as 0.3 to as high as 0.4. If you’re somebody who’s all about avocados and peanut butter, you may want to opt for the 0.4 route. 5) Find your carb intake. Start by finding the total calories your protein and fat goals make up. Multiply your protein intake by 4 (since each gram is 4 calories), and multiply fat by 9 (since each gram is 9 calories). Take those totals and subtract them from the number you calculated as your deficit in Step 2; these are the calories you have left. Divide this number by 4 (since each gram is 4 calories). 6)Remember, no set of initial numbers are ever PERFECT. Adjustments will have to be made eventually. What’s most important is making sure that you have your numbers, and that you hit them ACCURATELY and CONSISTENTLY. If you’re seeing progress on your macros, stay on them. If you notice the scale hasn’t moved in awhile, it may be time for an adjustment. This is by no means an exhaustive guide. If you want to see me go much further in-depth, just search “Christian Guzman macros” on YouTube. ✌️

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If Guzman’s washboard abs don’t make you want to start working out, chances are nothing can. Christian’s Instagram timeline is full of bathroom selfies which put his ripped physique in its full glory on display.

Christian – The Encyclopedia

If you want to know about what to eat or how to train when you’re looking to shed body weight and get your body fat percentage down, you should head over to Christian’s YouTube channel.

Christian has many collaboration videos on his channel. He joins hands with other athletes to bring valuable content to his followers. You’ll most probably take away something useful after watching his videos.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Guzman has the boy next door appeal, which makes him look approachable and friendly. He trains at his own gym, Aplhalete Gym, which he plans to turn into the best gym in the world one day.

Christian isn’t the typical internet fitness celebrity. He is focused on building his own brands. Apart from his personal brand, he has built three successful brands from the ground up.

Hungry For More

Follow Christian on Instagram, and he’ll make you believe you can achieve all your goals if you work hard for them. Inspiration, optimism, and positivity are what you get out of his videos.

Going by the passion Christian has for what he does, we can tell he isn’t going to slow down. Christian is the perfect example of someone who has the right mix of passion, determination, knowledge, and patience. We wish him best for his future endeavors.

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