Instagram Athlete of The Week – Jeff Ortiz

Instagram Athlete of The Week – Jeff Ortiz

Jeff Ortiz is a rising Instagram star and is arguably one of the funniest internet fitness celebrities. Following him on the gram will ensure you a laugh or two every time you scroll through his feed.

Jeff’s ripped physique and humor make him a standout on the platform. He remains in a photoshoot ready shape throughout the year. The amount of fun he has while doing what he does can make people take on the fitness journey for themselves.

Jeff Ortiz – The Rising Insta Star

Fitness shouldn’t just be about lifting weights and eating protein, and Jeff is the perfect example of this. Ortiz isn’t your typical Instagram fitness athlete who does nothing more than posting photos of his abs.

Jeff is one of the people who embrace his weaknesses and doesn’t hold back from laughing at himself by critiquing his weak calves. As someone once said, you aren’t going to improve at your weaknesses until you accept them.

Humble and Authentic

Ortiz is a transformation expert and has helped many people transform their bodies. He is one of the most transparent and humble people in the industry and his followers love him for his authenticity.

You need to watch Jeff’s skits to believe them. Each of his videos could be a “Do not laugh challenge.” Ortiz goes above and beyond in the effort of bringing the most enjoyable content to his followers.

A Beast In The Gym

Jeff has a shredded physique and can lift some serious weight with total ease. He bench presses 120lbs dumbbells for reps like they’re nothing. Watching his workout clips before a workout can be effective pre-workout motivation.

When was the last time you saw a fitness celebrity do this? Ortiz is a unique individual and can keep you entertained with each of his posts. Most of what you see on his feed is original and undeniably him.

You’ll be amazed at the detailing of his videos. The funniest part is most people will relate to what he does. So, you’re not alone if you feel confused about being defensive or laughing out loud watching his posts.

Promoting The Fit Lifestyle

In whatever he does whether it’s training, eating right, drinking a gallon of water every day or outdoor activities like riding a bike, Jeff is always promoting the fit lifestyle. His posts perfectly depict the struggles and benefits of living the fit life.

If Jeff’s transformation doesn’t motivate you to join a gym and change your lifestyle, chances are nothing ever will. Ortiz’s physique is proof that he leaves no stoned unturned when it comes to training discipline.

Jeff has a lot of content about working out with a training partner, and if you have ever trained with a buddy, you’ll surely relate with it. We wish Jeff the best for his future endeavors.

Who is your favorite Instagram fitness athlete?

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