Instagram Athlete of The Week – Jujimufu

Instagram Athlete of The Week – Jujimufu

Jon Call aka Jujimufu is one of the most entertaining fitness athletes on Instagram. Jon is an acrobatic expert with a bodybuilding training approach. Call gained popularity after winning a popular game show by wowing the judges with his crazy abilities.

Jujimufu started his fitness journey at the age of 13 when he joined martial art training. As he got better at martial arts, Jon got interested in expanding his training to become flexible and strong at the same time.

Jon Call aka Jujimufu aka The Freak of Nature

Jon’s 1.4 million followers on Instagram are proof that his unique approach to life and training has worked for his popularity. You can’t help but get motivated to change your physique once you go through Jujimufu’s Instagram feed.

After joining Taekwondo at the age of 13, he started practicing a sport called Tricking in his backyard and soon became good at it. Tricking is a training discipline which combines kicks with flips and twists from gymnastics as well as many dance moves and styles from breakdancing.

Born To Be A Fitness Star

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On seeing Jon’s enthusiasm and passion for fitness, his parents got him his first gym membership when he was 15 years old. Call started working on his strength and size as soon as he entered the weight room.

Jon’s gym was right across the street from his school, so he went to the gym after school and worked on perfecting his form and technique. Jujimufu had a special place for deadlifts and squats in his heart and has continued training them since beginning weight training.

If you are having a bad day, we highly recommend going over to Jujimufu’s Instagram feed to lighten up your mood. Each of Jon’s posts has the wow factor and his athletism will leave you admiring his skills.

Jon Call – Going Viral

When was the last time you saw someone as big as Jujimufu do backflips? Jon makes the 505lb deadlifts look like a piece of cake. He is not your typical Instagram fitness celebrity. Jon has some serious skills which make him stand out on social media.

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JEFFERSON DEADLIFT PR of 642.5 lbs (292 kgs)

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You might be wondering what “Jujimufu” means and we have got you covered. At the age of 14, Jon wanted a username to chat with his friends online but all the usernames he could think of were taken. In a rage, Jon typed Jujimufu which in his words; “which, of course, wasn’t taken and is complete nonsense. And it has been my curse since”.

Constantly Adapting

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Training is going really well lately!

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Jon has a unique style of training where he changes his training routine in different seasons. In the summer months, Jon tricks outside three days a week. He avoids tricking and works on bodybuilding in the winters.

Jon trains six days a week while bodybuilding and regularly takes 3-5 days to back off his training during this season. Jujimufu understands the importance of recovery and takes 1-2 months off at the end of a year.

If you didn’t know about Jon Call and stumbled upon him, his conditioned physique and size would make you think he’s a professional bodybuilder. Although all your inhibitions would be broken as soon as you saw him train.

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