Natural Bodybuilder Ire Wardlaw Wins Most Muscular Symmetry at Iron Gladiator

Ire Wardlaw and Derek Joe Iron Gladiator
Image via Instagram @djoe.hype

INBA PNBA amateur Ire Wardlaw wins the Iron Gladiator Most Symmetrical award. 

The International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) held the Iron Gladiator this Sunday, April 10, 2022. Ire Wardlaw dressed as her favorite superhero – Wonder Woman – and was awarded the Most Symmetrical physique out of all women competitors. 

The Iron Gladiator was Ire Wardlaw’s first amateur bodybuilding show. Ire Wardlaw admits prepping for the show was no easy task. During her “peak week” (the week before the bodybuilding show), she had to tweak her workouts, cardio, and diet every several hours to have the physique she needed to win. Wardlaw stated, “Slight injuries and gaining 5lbs of water weight due to “Aunt Flow”, on her way to visit me. So I had to switch up the game and tweak my work outs, cardio, and diet almost every several hours to be able to lean out enough to where my muscularity can show on stage this Sunday.”

Wardlaw credits Derek Joe for helping her with her posing to prep for the competition. Derek Joe was the 2021 Natural Olympia Men’s Classic Physique champion. Joe and Wardlaw only had 3.5 weeks to learn all the mandatory poses and 4.5 days to practice the routine. 

In a social media post, Ire Wardlaw stated:

“I’m just like you. Human with red blood. Sometimes i get it right, sometimes i don’t. But i don’t let those messed up times stop me. I don’t just get back up, i jump up. And I attack my walls with full force just like my favorite female superhero did in her first film debut. When they handed me the Gold Shield Award, i fought back tears of joy. 

For words of encouragement, she continued to say:

Today, get up, and put in that extra effort to make your dreams comes true. What have you been procrastinating with? Joining a gym? Getting a personal trainer? Applying for that new job? Taking lessons to become better at your craft? Or maybe even take a leap of faith and sign up for an @inbapnbaglobal_official Natural Bodybuilding show.”

Below is a video clip of Wardlaw posing during the competition.

Next Competition

The INBA PNBA shows are just underway, and there are many shows to look forward to. Saturday, April 16, 2022, will be the next show in Davis, CA – Capital City Championships. 

Here are the upcoming INBA PNBA shows. 

Road to Natural Olympia 

There’s a long INBA PNBA season ahead of us. INBA PNBA natural bodybuilders represent over 60 countries. Athletes who do well will earn a pro qualifier and a chance to compete at the most extensive natural bodybuilding competition worldwide – Natural Olympia. 

Contenders also compete for a chance to win cash, prizes such as a Harley-Davison, and a multi-media contract with Generation Iron and Iron Man Magazine. 

This past weekend Wardlaw was able to make her 5-year-old self’s childhood dream come true. Wardlaw has a mantra – “If I can, you can.” She says she’s a human with red blood and is just like the rest of us.

Generation Iron congratulates Ire Wardlaw for her win this weekend! We wish you good luck for the rest of this year! 

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