Iris Kyle Makes A “Call For Equality And Recognition” At Arnold Classic

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Iris Kyle believes women should get recognized for the hard work that they do to compete.

Iris Kyle is one of the all-time great bodybuilders and remains up to date with the happenings around the sport of bodybuilding since her competitive days ended. The 2024 Arnold Classic took place last week and a lot of good came out of the competition.

The event ended on Saturday night with Hadi Choopan defeating Samson Dauda to win the title. Following the results, Schwarzenegger announced that the prize money would increase to $500,000 next year. On Friday, Kyle shared a post expressing her thoughts about the Arnold moving forward and shared a call-to-action to open opportunities for women.

“A call equality and recognition in Women’s sports. In the realms of sports,where the spirit of competition and excellence knows no bounds, it is disheartening to witness a glare of oversight in one of the prestigious event in our industry.”

Iris Kyle is one of the great bodybuilders of all-time. She has a won a total of 10 Olympia competitions, which is the most all-time men or women. Kyle also won the Ms. International competition seven times. Kyle has not competed in a few years now but still calls for change in the sport.

Iris Kyle Calls For “Equality & Recognition”

During the Arnold Classic, there were three women’s divisions with Wellness coming into the mix along with Fitness and Bikini. Iris Kyle talked about how there should be more chances to women to compete and be acknowledged for the work they put in.

“The absence of opportunities for women athletes to perform and compete alongside their male counterparts is not just disappointing it highlights a broader issue of recognition appreciation within our sports community.Women athletes, through their hard work, dedication undeniable talent have proven time again that they are not only deserving but rightful participants in every arena of competition.”


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“Supporting and promoting women’s sports is not just about creating opportunities, it’s about acknowledging the hard-earned accomplishments of countless women athletes who inspire and aspire to reach the pinnacle of their careers. Lets us not forget the essence of sport is competition, improvement, and breaking barriers. By denying women athletes their rightful place in prestigious events, we are not only limiting the potential of half the population but also diminishing the spirit of sportsmanship that is at the heart of what we do.”

Women’s Physique Olympia champion Sarah Villegas has also spoken out about the lack of women’s divisions at the Arnold Classic over the years. This is a topic that has been given attention and Kyle continued on Thursday.

Iris Kyle ended her statement with a call to everyone to understand the importance of adding women’s divisions.

“I call on EVERYONE within our community and beyond to recognize the importance of inclusivity,equality and support for women sports. Let us work together to ensure that women athletes are given the platforms they deserve to showcase their talents, share their stories, and inspire the next generation. In advocating for change and progress, we must remember that every athlete, regardless of GENDER, contributes to the rich tapestry of our sports heritage. Ms10x”

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