Iron Bull Strength BP Plates Review

IronBull BP Plate

These bumper plates are designed for maximum durability and provide a premium look to fill your home or commercial gym

Are you stocking up on home gym equipment? Maybe even equipment for your commercial gym? You can have a barbell and a squat rack, but you can’t build a gym without some solid weight plates, the only issue is how expensive they can be and you don’t always get the most quality products. Generation Iron is here to help and we have personally tested the IronBull Strength BP Plates at our gym. These plates are designed to provide maximum performance and durability, so you can focus on your workout without any distractions. 

Let’s take a closer look at these plates from IronBull Strength, including their features, benefits, and customer reviews. We will also compare them to other brands to help you make an informed decision. You’ll learn how to properly handle the plates for optimal safety and efficiency in your workouts. Additionally, we’ll help you assess whether these plates are worth the investment for your individual needs. So let’s dive in and see if IronBull Strength BP Plates are the right choice for you.

IronBull Strength BP Plates are a great option to fill your home or commercial gym. Check them out here!

Key Takeaways

  • Material: Virgin Rubber
  • Diameter: 450mm (17.7in) IWF Standard
  • Collar Opening: 50.4mm (1.98in)
  • Inserts: Steel
  • Sold in Pairs

Understanding IronBull Strength BP Plates

Victor Martinez Iron Bull Barbell Plates

IronBull Strength BP Plates offer exceptional value and practical benefits for weightlifting enthusiasts. Made of virgin rubber, the design of these premium bumper plates is sleek and stylish, with a glossy finish that gives them a premium look and feel. These plates are a popular choice for home and commercial gym setups due to their quality construction, as they have been designed to withstand tens of thousands of drops for maximum durability. 

They create an invigorating environment for heavy lifts, making them perfect for both experienced lifters and beginners. The rubber plates are designed for heavy usage and provide a reliable option for any fitness journey. With their durable build, IronBull Strength BP plates are ideal for lifting enthusiasts in the United States and across the globe.

Features of IronBull Strength BP Plates

There are plenty of different things worth discussing in terms of features of these weight plates. Let’s take a look.

  • Constructed with high-quality virgin rubber, IronBull Strength weight plates guarantee durability for multiple drops. 
  • Offering various weight options from 10lb to 45lb plates and being sold in pairs or sets, these cater to different fitness needs, making them ideal for things like powerlifting or even olympic weightlifting
  • Even suitable for competition settings, they provide efficiency during performance, perfect for Olympic lifts and workout spaces. 
  • With practical purposes in any fitness journey, these plates ensure long-lasting use and an energizing atmosphere for heavy lifts.

Benefits of IronBull Strength BP Plates 

IronBull Strength BP Plates offer a load of benefits such as: 

  • Versatility and balanced weight distribution
  • Designed for various exercises like squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and even the Olympic lifts, these plates ensure efficiency in performance
  • Their ergonomic handles and smooth surface provide easy handling, making them suitable for fitness enthusiasts in the United States and beyond
  • With competitive pricing and long-lasting durability, IronBull Strength BP Plates offer exceptional value for money, catering to weightlifters in different parts of the world.

Let’s break  down the exact benefits of these plates.

Victor Martinez Iron Bull Barbell Plates

Durability and Longevity

When it comes to durability and longevity, the IronBull Strength BP Plates stand out for their high-quality construction. These virgin rubber plates boast a smooth, glossy finish that not only prevents damage to floors and equipment but also enhances the overall lifting experience. With a variety of weight options available, these plates cater to diverse lifting needs while ensuring efficient performance. Additionally, the design of the plates prioritizes easy grip and handling during lifts, making them a reliable choice for fitness enthusiasts seeking lasting value. The added peace of mind from IronBull Strength’s warranty further underscores the durability and longevity of these plates.

Versatility in Weight Options

When it comes to weight options, the IronBull Strength BP Plates offer a versatile range that caters to various workout needs. With options ranging from 10lbs to 45lbs, even having 35lb plates, users can select the perfect weight for their specific exercises. Whether you’re focusing on strength training or high-repetition workouts, the diverse range of weights ensures that you can load up the bar with what you want and truly customize your routine effectively. This versatility in weight options allows for a comprehensive and tailored approach to achieving fitness goals.

Color Option

As far as colors, the BP plates come in black and vary in thickness based on weight. However, IronBull also offers other plate options, such as the competition plates, the colored plates, both which will vary in color and thickness based on weight (these options are far more colorful than the BP plates).

Efficiency in Performance

When using the IronBull Strength BP Plates, efficiency in performance is key. The design of the plates allows for easy grip and handling while you are switching out weights, enhancing the overall lifting experience. These rubber plates come in a variety of weights to suit individual lifting needs, providing versatility in weight options for optimal performance. Additionally, the smooth finish of the plates prevents damage to floors and equipment, ensuring a safe and efficient workout environment. With these features, lifting enthusiasts can expect exceptional performance from the IronBull Strength BP Plates.

Drawbacks of IronBull Strength BP Plates 

  • The only drawback of IronBull Strength BP Plates is the price, as they are a fairly expensive option. 
  • A pair of 10lb plates is $65, meaning that they go for a little over $3 per pound. 

How to Use IronBull Strength BP Plates Effectively?

IronBull BP Plate

Discover the best techniques to maximize your workout with IronBull Strength BP Plates. Incorporate them into your fitness routine for optimal results and integrate them into your home gym setup. Explore their practical applications in Olympic weightlifting and heavy lifts for next-level performance.

Proper Handling Techniques

To maintain the longevity of rubber plates like the IronBull Strength BP Plates, it’s essential to understand and apply proper maintenance techniques. Whether in a gym or home setup, ensuring safe and efficient handling is crucial for injury prevention and plate quality maintenance. By following recommended handling procedures, users can optimize their fitness journey and elevate their workout experience. Embracing best practices in handling rubber plates like these plates contributes to their durability and user safety.

Safety Measures

When using rubber plates like the IronBull Strength BP Plates for heavy lifts, observing crucial safety measures is paramount. Taking important safety precautions into account during usage is necessary to ensure a secure and effective workout space. Understanding safety guidelines and tips can help prevent accidents and injuries while creating an energizing atmosphere for heavy usage. Proper handling techniques are also essential to prevent injury and maintain the longevity of the plates.

Our Verdict on IronBull Strength BP Plates

No Generation Iron Review is complete without our personal opinion, and we have discovered exactly why fitness enthusiasts and experienced lifters in various countries trust IronBull Strength BP Plates for heavy lifts. These plates were great during our workouts, were stored fairly easily, and really great when it came to switching them out.

Our only criticism is the price, so let’s take a look at that.

Price and Where to Buy

IronBull Strength BP Plates are sold in pairs, or sets. Sets Include:

160lb – One Pair Each: 10lb/25lb/45lb

190lb – One Pair Each: 10lb/15lb/25lb/45lb

230lb – One Pair Each: 10lb/25lb/35lb/45lb

260lb – One Pair Each: 10lb/15lb/25lb/35lb/45lb

340lb – One Pair Each: 10lb/25lb. Three Pairs Each: 45lb

You can find IronBull Strength products right on their site, on Amazon, but better yet, just go right through the links on our site!

Weight Options 

IronBull Strength BP Plates come in the weights as follows:

  • 10lb
  • 15lb
  • 25lb
  • 35lb
  • 45lb

IronBull Strength BP Plates vs Competitor Weight Plates

IronBull BP Plates Living Fit Weight Plates Rogue Echo Plates Rep Fitness Black Bumper Plates
Material Virgin Rubber Alloy steel and virgin rubber Stainless steel and virgin rubber Steel with virgin rubber
Weights 10lb through 45lb 10lb through 45lb 10lb through 45lb 10lb through 45lb
Heaviest Set 340lb 370 pounds 260 pounds 340 pounds
Durability Great Good Great Decent
Warranty Lifetime 4 year home, 1 year commercial Varies on the issue Contact if there are issues


IronBull Strength Company Information

IronBull Strength is a brand that has built a community of individuals passionate for fitness, and the IronBull Strength BP Plates are a great choice to fill your gym with. They have had plenty of experience in the industry, and have crafted quality and durable pieces of lifting equipment to take your workouts to the next level. Their slogan, “Unleash the Beast,” encapsulates the belief in unleashing the untapped potential within each and every one of us.


To sum up, IronBull Strength BP Plates offer a durable and versatile solution for weightlifting. With their high-quality construction and range of weight options, they provide efficiency and performance in your workouts. When compared to other brands, IronBull Strength BP Plates stand out with their competitive advantages. Before making a decision, assess the value for money and consider if these plates meet your specific needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, IronBull Strength BP Plates can be a worthwhile investment in your fitness journey. So why wait? Upgrade your weightlifting equipment today and take your workouts to the next level!


Are IronBull BP Plates good for compound lifts?

Yes, these plates are great for any compound lift, whether you are doing rows or something else like squats!

What are the increments that IronBull BP Plates go up by?

These plates start at 10 lbs, then go to 15lbs, and from there they go up by ten pounds until they get to 45.  

Will these plates bounce?

Being that these plates are made of virgin rubber, they do have a bit of a bounce.

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iron-bull-strength-bp-plates-reviewThese bumper plates are designed for maximum durability and provide a premium look to fill your home or commercial gym Are you stocking up on home gym equipment? Maybe even equipment for your commercial gym? You can have a barbell and a squat rack, but...