Extreme Training: 225 Lbs Bench For 210 Reps With Mike Rashid

Pushing through to a new extreme.

Bodybuilding is all about building quality muscle. That means adhering to a diet and training routine that’s going to bring your physique to the next level. There are a ton of different methods that can be used to get to that end game, but it’s certainly not something that’s going to happen over night. But looking strong is simply not enough. Sure, it’s great to look the part, but actually being the part should be a bodybuilder’s goal as well. Athletic performance should be a primary goal on par with building up muscle. It’s the philosophy that Mike Rashid lives by.

Mike Rashid is a well known and regarded man in the fitness industry. Not only does he offer advice and opinions on numerous fitness topics, but also offers up his own philosophical views on how to be an alpha in this day and age. Mike Rashid has always preached about not only looking strong but backing it all up with athleticism.

Mike Rashid doesn’t just adhere to the usual training split. Instead, Rashid focuses on performing to the best of his abilities at all times. As such, he trains in a manner that most would find extreme or unusual. Always trying to push the limits of his own body, Mike Rashid recently decided to put himself through the crucible known as the Iron Marathon, a routine first invented by CT Fletcher. Take a look as Mike Rashid pushes his body to the limit, lifting 225 lbs on the bench press for 210 reps.

Would you ever try the Iron Marathon?

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